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Organizations of all types require a records-management solution to manage regulatory, legal, and business-critical records across their corporate data. Microsoft 365 Records Management helps organizations manage legal, business, and regulatory record keeping obligations within Microsoft.

Microsoft and filerskeepers have teamed up to ensure that users will be able to implement the filerskeepers legal retention obligations in Microsoft 365 Records Management. This collaboration will offer organisations end-to-end legal records retention within Microsoft 365, ensuring reduced risk and complexity.

Key benefits

How does filerskeepers help?

  • Access to hundreds of thousands of legal bookkeeping, tax, health and safety and industry specific records retention obligations and coverage in 295+ jurisdictions.

  • Standardized record types, categories or let us map to your existing schedule.
  • filerskeepers retention schedules inform users of maximum and minimum retention periods as well as statutory limitations.
  • Direct integration with Microsoft 365 Records Management
  • Implementation assistance through filerskeepers or our partners
  • End-to-end records retention which enables organizations to discover, organize their data and apply data retention unstructured Microsoft 365 database.

Microsoft 365 Records Management

Key Capabilities

  • Migrate and manage your retention requirements with file plan

    Bring a records retention plan to Microsoft 365 using their new file plan which allows its customers to not only use any existing plan but also build a new one for enhanced management capabilities.

  • Configure retention and deletion settings with retention labels

    This capability enables you to configure retention labels with retention periods.

  • Start different retention periods when an event occurs

    We offer data retention for hundreds of jurisdictions. Even the ones you are thinking of establishing a presence in!

  • Get updates in law automatically pushed to you

    Through our Dashboard and API you can get any updates in law pushed as soon as it comes out, whether it be new law or amendments to existing law.

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Some more key benefits

filerskeepers suggestions for Microsoft 365 Records Management allow for well informed data retention choices which can directly be applied at a per country level. Data retention compliance at the most granular level. Yet very practicable, auditable and cheap.

– Wanne Pemmelaar, CEO / Co-founder, filerskeepers

A super fast service tailored to you

Do you have custom Infotypes? We know that as every organisation is different, so is its SAP HCM instance and the data processed by it. We propose a sprint (usually well within one month time), during which we take you through the following phases:

We can even build in a feedback-loop, so your HR, legal, finance, privacy and compliance colleagues can test our suggestions!

Pricing and Packaging

Our solutions are the best of both worlds: standardised best practice data retention products yet tailored to your needs, allowing us to be better than competitive on pricing. In addition, we never shy away from complex use case. Just try us out! 

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