Why we’re here

filerskeepers was inspired by a problem many companies experience: there was no simple way for IT, Legal, Compliance, HR, Sales, Finance, Health and Safety and other business departments to build records retention schedules and keep them up to date. We immediately changed the name of our products into “data retention schedules”. Because nowadays everyone knows “data” and just a few know what is meant by “records”.

As we got to know our users, we discovered that data retention is not a one-size-fits-all. Companies keep data of all shapes, sizes and types—they use it in many different ways. Our goal is to make a strategic data retention tool that allows you to know all data retention terms, to see changes in data retention laws realtime and to know what the golden standard your organisation should apply.

Our founders

Madeleine Vos
Madeleine Vosco-founder
Madeleine is an economist turned data & tech lawyer who received her training at multinationals and top law firms. But don’t be fooled, Madeleine is no ordinary bookish legal practitioner. As a millennial she got bit by the startup bug, and has been building companies ever since. Madeleine is passionate about startup culture and finding new ways to solve old problems. She loves tinkering with new technologies—but only if they provide real value for the end-user.
Wanne Pemmelaar
Wanne Pemmelaarco-founder
Wanne is a top-tier data & tech lawyer and 2x entrepreneur who loves building tech solutions to legal problems he has experienced firsthand. Wanne has over a decade of work experience as a legal practitioner. When it comes to developing products, he insists on stellar design and a commitment to user empathy. Wanne spends his off-hours at the running, body boarding, reading and playing flamenco guitar at the sea (where he lives).

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