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Farewell doubts about data storage periods;hello single source of truth

Integrate filerskeepers with the tools your customers and teams rely on for data governance and data storage

the filerskeepers API

The filerskeepers API is built for enterprises who are continuously improving their customer’s data governance, cybersecurity and data compliance. Develop enterprise applications with the filerskeepers API.

Why integrate with the filerskeepers API?

Increased need for records retention

With the GDPR and the CCPA in effect, the EU e-Privacy regulation coming soon and an increasing body industry specific regulations, more focus then ever lays on data governance and records retention

Let's solve the issue of records retention

Our ambition is to set up a collaboration with you to solve records retention once and for all. The filerskeepers API will be your single source to help your customers to decide how long to store their data.

Develop automated records retention policies

The filerskeepers API will allow your business to integrate with its software applications and develop an automated records retention framework

Built with developers needs in mind

We offer developers a comprehensive developer portal documenting our API, pay-as-you go and volume discount pricing, a knowledge portal explaining our records retention schedules and expert support to help you understand records retention and our database. 

The filerskeepers API:

  • is RESTful, fully featured, easy to integrate with
  • has predictable resource-oriented URLs, returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP status codes and verbs
  • uses API keys to authenticate requests. filerskeepers supports HTTP Basic authentication
  • is best used through cURL
  • uses unique identifiers per retention obligation (as explained on the next slide)

the filerskeepers API endpoints:

Database structure (taxonomy)

  • See which countries are available in the filerskeepers database
  • See which categories are available within our taxonomy
  • See which subcategories are available within our taxonomy
  • See which record types are available within our taxonomy
  • See which categories are available within a given country
  • See which subcategories are available within a given country

Retention obligations

  • Show retention obligations per category in a country
  • Show retention obligations per subcategory in a country
  • Show retention obligations per record type in a country
  • Show a retention obligation per unique identifier
  • add examples to certain retention obligations (POST request)
  • Show retention obligations by searching for a particular example record in 1 country

An easy REST API for developers who want to master the art of records retention

Adding records retention periods to your app will give the power of records retention compliance your customers. By seamlessly integrating our records retention API with your own systems, you completely eliminate the need for records retention schedules and difficult discussions with your customers on storage periods. Let your customers decide how long they want to store their data based on legal requirements..

There is no need to waste time inventing the records retention wheel. We have already done it for you. We offer an affordable records retention API solution for all your customers. filerskeepers’ REST API is flexible and easy to integrate.

Request our API documentation

Pricing: filerskeepers offer per client, per year fees for our Records Retention API.

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