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Help you make sense of records retention with our professional services

professional services

Confidently decide how long you need to store your data

The filerskeepers team of experts and partners are here to help you. We can assist you with understanding records retention obligations globally, making decisions on how long to keep data, drafting global records retention policies and  implementation of records retention periods in your IT systems. We can also run specific research and retention projects, map our retention obligations to your data categories or advise you on how to create products with our filerskeepers API.

Decades of experience

filerskeepers was founded by top-tier lawyers who want to change the legal business model, provide stellar quality at an affordable price and to solve records retention once and for all. We have over a decade of experience in global data protection and records retention with many mentions in Chambers and Legal500 rankings! Read more about us.

Receive expert support

In case you have questions about our retention obligations

Using our schedules and API

Are you implementing a records retention policy or developing a records retention application? And do you have in-depth questions about records retention, our schedules, or do you need support making sense of our data? Our records retention experts can be your expert escalation board for any questions you may have regarding records retention. We answer your questions around our schedules and can help you make detailed choices regarding your records retention. We can provide occasional and structural support services.

Expert support
Records retention consultancy services

Support for consultants and partners

Are you a legal, management or IT consultant and do you have questions regarding the use of our schedules? We also provide help when you are facing difficult choices on behalf of your client. Think of conflicting laws, minimum and maximum retention periods that just don’t want to align, loopholes and stringent privacy laws. Our filerskeepers experts can share market practice, best practice and practical lessons learned.

Comprehensive projects

Building records retention policies and mapping obligations

Setting up local and global retention policies

Do you need help creating a local or global records retention policy and do you need expert help setting this up? Together with your legal team and your business stakeholders we will determine the proper scope of the retention policy and the categories and record types which will need to be included. Together with you, our experts  will set golden standards per record type (with the ambition to comply with as many retention obligations as possible). We will also provide additional insight into where there will be residual risk due to strict local law.

Records retention consultancy services
Records retention consultancy services

Records retention mapping against IT systems and apps

Do you need us to map our retention obligations to your own systems or policies? filerskeepers can help you with that. We can map the filerskeepers retention obligations against:

  • your existing records retention policy
  • your business process or records of processing inventories
  • your IT-systems
  • your deletion functionalities, e.g. SAP destruction objects or Microsoft retention labels
  • your algorithms or application functionality (only for API users)
We can provide mapping services on a per country or global/regional standard for each  object, and inform you on residual risks because of a strict deviating local law.

Bespoke research projects

Do you need to learn about worldwide CCTV guidance, all retention obligations in Andalusia, or are you worldwide charity foundation in need of records retention obligations? The filerskeepers team can undertake specific research projects. In any industry. Anywhere in the world, no matter if it is supra-national, national, state, regional or local law.