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Plain language please!

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We insist on keeping it simple and actionable. So that you can actually implement the retention period.

So no vague language such as “current +10 years” but “10 years following the date on which the book year ended”.

All info you need

Our retention schedules tell you:

  • Who should store

  • What to store

  • Is it a minimum or maximum term?

  • The exact start of the retention period

  • How long to keep data

  • A link to the legal source


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US (federal), Japan, Singapore, UK, France, Germany and many more. We got them. And we are always adding new countries to our collection.

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Our methodology

We read all the laws and regulations in the world in search of records retention obligations and statutory limitations. From there we obtain all retention obligations and statutory limitations and place them in our taxonomy.

We check for missing topics and obligations and confirm our findings based on our taxonomy. We check with local counsel where necessary, receive user feedback and track for changes in the law!

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