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Confidently decide how long to keep your off-site box storage!

  • Map your record retention schedule to your off-site box inventory and assess what is left of the life cycle.

  • Calculate which boxes need to be kept, destroyed, or scanned, and optimize your cost and storage management.

  • Convince your leadership with insights into the ROI of reducing your box volumes.

Why Box Reduction Matters

At filerskeepers and Knowledge Preservation, we understand the balance between maintaining essential records and eliminating redundant box storage is delicate. The challenges of high costs, wasted space, and decreased productivity, alongside compliance and security risks, are real and pressing.

But what if you could tackle these issues head-on, reducing your box volume while ensuring ROI, legal compliance, and optimized cost and document storage management? Through our combined expertise, that is now possible!

How filerskeepers Box Reduction Makes a Difference

Map Your Records Retention Schedule

Map your records retention schedule to your box inventory and accurately determine the remaining lifecycle of box storage. Understand exactly which boxes to keep, destroy, or scan.

Optimize Cost and Storage Management

Through our combined experts’ strategic analysis, understand which boxes are essential to keep and which are not, optimizing your storage and reducing costs.

Gain Leadership Buy-in

Provide clear insights into the ROI of reducing your box volumes, highlighting the benefits of an efficient, strategically managed records inventory.

Scan What Matters

No more indiscriminate scanning or hoarding of unnecessary boxes. Only scan documents that meet specific retention criteria, significantly reducing over-storage risks and costs.

Increase ROI

By eliminating unneeded storage, you direct resources toward more productive and efficient operations while increasing ROI.

Protect Sensitive Information

Securely disposing of records post-lifecycle protects sensitive information and ensures you meet legal standards, giving you and your stakeholders peace of mind.


Know When and Why to Eliminate Boxes

Cutting down on box storage directly translates into cost savings. Think about every square foot of your office space that’s currently devoted to storing boxes—it costs money. When you reduce the number of boxes, you open up room for cost-effective possibilities. This is not just about cutting down on physical storage costs; it’s about investing those resources back into your core business. By understanding the life cycle of data, you can make informed decisions that align with modern paper shredding practices, ensuring your operations stay light, compliant, and secure.

How filerskeepers Box Reduction Works?

Initiate Your Box Data Inventory

Begin with a thorough inventory to understand what you have.

Classify Boxes

Based on data class and type, classify each box to understand its lifecycle and relevancy.

Receive Updated Retention Data

Leveraging the latest retention schedule, know exactly what to keep and what can go.

Understand Legal Removal

Learn which boxes can be legally removed or destroyed based on their lifecycle, aligning with compliance standards.

Calculate Your ROI

Understand the costs associated with over-stored boxes and calculate the potential savings against box elimination.

Knowledge Preservation helps clients proactively, defensibly, and effectively manage their information by creating customized and defensible frameworks that enable clients to find their data faster, comply with applicable laws, and reduce their data storage costs.

filerskeepers is extremely proud to be partnered with Knowledge Preservation. We believe that combining the richness of our global records retention database with Knowledge Preservation’s information governance consulting expertise helps to create the necessary framework for realizing the full benefits of a defensible information governance program.

Less is More!

Don’t let old-fashioned box storage hold your business back. By leveraging strategic record-keeping and embracing box reduction techniques, you will not only streamline your operations but also save money and boost compliance. From document shredding to effective paper destruction with legal justification, we help you in making strategic decisions that enhance your business efficiency. Take the first step towards a sleeker, smarter way of managing your records. The future is less cluttered and more secure—ready for you to make your mark efficiently.

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