filerskeepers Logo & Brand guidelines

Welcome to the vibrant world of filerskeepers, where our brand dances on the fine line between professionalism and playfulness. At the heart of filerskeepers, we are not just experts; we’re pioneers charting the course of our industry with a spark of creativity and a dash of fun. Our guidelines are your treasure map to expressing our brand’s personality, ensuring that every interaction with filerskeepers leaves a lasting, positive impression.

filerskeepers stands as a beacon of thought leadership and innovation, yet we wear our expertise with a playful grin. In these pages, you’ll discover how our unique blend of informal yet insightful communication can transform the mundane into the engaging, making us a beacon of positivity in the business world.

Dive into our guidelines to explore how each element combines to create a symphony of consistency in look and tone. It’s through this harmony that we connect with our audience, inviting them into our world where expertise meets exuberance. Let’s embark on this journey together to showcase what filerskeepers is truly about and how to embody our spirit in every word and image.


Download our logos in various formats to suit your needs. Please ensure you adhere to our brand guidelines when using our logos.

Brand Guidelines

Our brand guidelines outline the proper usage of our brand assets, including logo usage, colors, typography, and more. Please review these guidelines carefully before using our brand assets in your projects.


  • Use our logo in its original form without any alterations or distortions.
  • Utilize our specified color palette for any materials representing our brand.
  • Adhere to our chosen typography for any written content related to our brand.


  • Modify the proportions, colors, or elements of our logo.
  • Stretch, skew, or rotate the logo.
  • Use colors outside of our brand’s specified color palette.
  • Substitute our approved fonts with other typefaces.


  • It’s pretty simple: filerskeepers. The “f” in filerskeepers is always spelled in lowercase.

Terms of use

By downloading and using our brand assets, you agree to abide by our brand guidelines and terms of use. Any unauthorized use or modification of our brand assets is strictly prohibited. See more.

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