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Did you know that you need to keep your company’s administration for 10 years in Mexico? We do. Implementing data retention periods can be a daunting task. It is very easy to get stuck in the maze of data retention. Especially if you are a multinational with many different systems, records and laws that apply to you. filerskeepers updates you on the data retention requirements relevant to your company. Data retention schedules at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer or a consultant.

Storing versus deleting

A solid data retention policy helps you to comply with laws and regulations around the world. These rules tell you how long a record should minimally or maximally be stored. In litigations, having the right information available can be the difference between winning or losing a case.

GDPR data retention

Comply with the GDPR

Do you know Article 5(1)(e) of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation? It states that records containing personal data should not be kept longer than necessary for the purposes for which these data are accessed, used, stored and handled. To comply with this rule your company will need to know when you are allowed to store personal data and when you need to delete it. How do filerskeepers data retention schedules help you?

Our records retention solutions

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Get in control of document retention

Get in control of document retention

From tax records to medical records, Human Resources to pay rolling, from statutory limitations to privacy laws, and from regulatory to environmental retention periods. You will know them all.

Expert review of retention periods

Expert review of retention periods

Our network of experts identify all relevant data retention requirements and their legal sources. As a result, you will not miss out on any data retention rules.

Insight into legal source

Insight into legal source

We will provide you with a direct link to the original text of the law. And an English translation if available.

Actionable retention periods

Actionable records retention periods

Retention laws are written for humans, not for IT systems or databases. To implement a retention period into an IT system or database you need something else. With filerskeepers retention schedules you will always be able to determine when a retention period starts and when it ends, to the day.

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About us

filerskeepers believes that companies should be able to know all retention periods that apply to them. It is our goal to make sure you will be up to date about the latest data retention periods. At any time. This will allow you to find your golden standard retention period that you can actually implement into your IT-systems.

Try a free sample data retention schedule!

Want to see how our data retention schedules look like first? Try a free sample now!