The journey of Léon Chevalier (Global PTO-rank: 10) continues to be incredibly inspiring to us. Within the small span of his professional career, he has reached significant landmarks as a triathlete, and this year he excels further in achieving the impossible by winning both IRONMAN South Africa and IRONMAN France 70.3 Les Sables d’Olonne-Vendée. His latest win is even more impressive considering the fact that directly following Léon’s impressive win in South Africa this March, he had to process disappointment during the PTO European Open in Ibiza in May. Then it was back to the drawing board, skipping the IRONMAN Hamburg, focusing on recovery (a major theme for modern-day Ironman athletes), and slowly working towards the IRONMAN World Championships in Nice. The fact that Léon Chevalier managed to be back at the highest podium at the IRONMAN France 70.3 Les Sables d’Olonne-Vendée so soon shows resilience, mental strength, and agility. filerskeepers is super proud of Léon and the exceptional team he has assembled to support him.


The journey of filerskeepers and Léon Chevalier has been an incredible story of pushing the boundaries and achieving the impossible together. When we initially started jour journey together in our pathways, we both had a long road ahead of us, seemingly impossible, but with our uncompromised determination and passion, we have overcome all the hurdles in our pathways and achieved our desired goals. As Léon became a prominent name in the Triathlete scene from an individual who once aspired to be one, we have also become one of the known names in the LegalTech industry from being an emerging startup, serving over 1000+ Multinational clients and partnering with 40+ globally leading organizations.


With over 276,500 Retention Obligations covering 275 Jurisdictions, we know our journey is far from finished, and so is Léon’s. As we progress towards complete reading all the laws in the world and Léon progresses towards leading the Triathlete scene our passion and determination excel further towards achieving the impossible!


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filerskeepers reads all the laws in the world to identify data retention obligations and assists companies in implementing those obligations to their data. We provide multinationals and business organizations with insights into how long they should be storing their data based on legal requirements. Our data retention schedules are prepared based on our worldwide legal research, in accordance with various industries and data types, and later integrated into our comprehensive data retention dashboard, and APIs; enriched with all the information companies need to determine their minimum and maximum legal retention periods in the countries relevant to them. This is how filerskeepers helps companies to justify why they are storing data (“for compliance with income tax rules”) and for how long (“for 10 years from the date following the end of the book year”). What makes filerskeepers truly a legal tech company is its ability to automatically map retention obligations to the data and records of its customers. Besides this, filerskeepers also has experts’ consultancy services to assist multinationals in setting up records management programs, both locally and globally.

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