Who are we

We are filerskeepers: a legaltech startup with a passion for making business decisions smarter, quicker and easier.

What gets us up in the morning

We see that companies are facing an enormous challenge: they will need to constantly transform their business to keep up with the exponential growth of data and tech, while dealing with increasingly complex regulations and laws.

Companies will need to instantly make key judgments, forecasts, predictions and decisions. For this they need scalable, digital and fast advisers who do not only advise but who transform together with their customers.

We are here to help companies figure that out. We strive to internalize and re-imagine decision making processes whilst letting go of our pre-conceived expert opinions.

Our first move: data retention

filerskeepers was inspired by a problem many companies experience: there was no simple way for IT, Legal, Compliance, HR, Sales, Finance, Health and Safety and other business departments to build data retention schedules and keep them up to date.  How do they know what information to keep and what to throw away?

As we got to know our users, we discovered that data retention is not a one-size-fits-all. Companies keep data of all shapes, sizes and types—they use it in many different ways. Our goal is to make a strategic data retention tool that allows our customers to know all data retention terms, to see changes in data retention laws real-time and to know what the golden standard our individual customers should apply.

What keeps us awake at night:

We need more team. We need “hunters”. We need you.  We are looking for ambitious legal entrepreneurial interns that help us hunt retention periods in various laws of the world and supporting retention period hunters in processing their finds into a filerskeepers product.

Responsibilities will include all aspects of legaltech content creation; drafting data retention schedules, hunting new retention periods; developing our understanding of foreign legal systems, all in close collaboration with our champions league legal team.

Working conditions

You will receive an internship compensation. the amount will depend on the number of days you will work with us (baseline: 500 euros for full time engagement)

We are happy to help interns comply with the requirements to have your internship qualify for ECTS

Opportunities to grow into a part-time job after your internship

Does this look like you?

  • Shoots for the moon (or maybe Mars)
  • Great online search skills
  • Analytic thinker (university level)
  • Not afraid of legal shizzle
  • Keen to learn new things
  • Team player
  • Autonomous worker (happy to work from home or on location together with the team)
  • Interest in legaltech
  • Happy to help making legal research fun
  • Great English proficiency

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