filerskeepers Brand Terms and Conditions


These Brand Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the use of filerskeepers’ trademarks, service marks, logos, brand names, and other brand features (collectively, “Brand Features”). By using any of filerskeepers’ Brand Features, you agree to adhere to these Terms and any guidelines published by filerskeepers. filerskeepers reserves the right to alter these Terms at any time and to enforce its rights under these Terms at its sole discretion.


Use of Brand Features

Authorized Use

  • Compliance with Guidelines: Your use of filerskeepers’ Brand Features must comply with the most current version of filerskeepers’ Brand Guidelines, which may be updated from time to time.
  • Quality and Integrity: When using filerskeepers’ Brand Features, you must maintain a high standard of quality and integrity that is consistent with filerskeepers brand image.
  • Non-Disparagement: You may not use filerskeepers’ Brand Features in a manner that disparages filerskeepers or its products or services.

Prohibited Use

  • No Modification: You may not alter, modify, or change filerskeepers’ Brand Features in any way.
  • No Endorsement: You may not use filerskeepers’ Brand Features in a manner that implies an endorsement, sponsorship, or association with your products or services without filerskeepers’ explicit written consent.
  • No Confusion: You must avoid creating confusion regarding the relationship between you and filerskeepers or implying that filerskeepers has sponsored or approved your use of its Brand Features.


Use of Brand Features

filerskeepers retains all rights, title, and interest in and to its Brand Features, including any goodwill associated therewith. Nothing in these Terms grants you any right, title, or interest in the Brand Features other than the limited right to use them in accordance with these Terms.



filerskeepers may, at its sole discretion, terminate your right to use its Brand Features at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to a breach of these Terms. Upon termination, you must immediately cease all use of filerskeepers’ Brand Features.


Disclaimer of Warranties

filerskeepers’ Brand Features are provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied. filerskeepers disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.


Limitation of Liability

In no event will filerskeepers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with your use of its Brand Features, whether based on breach of contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise.



These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and filerskeepers regarding the use of its Brand Features and supersede all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral.  All matters arising out of or relating to these License Terms will be governed by and construed under the laws of the Netherlands. The parties agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply to these License Terms. The courts of Amsterdam will be competent.

If you have any questions about these Terms or wish to request permission for uses not covered by these Terms, please contact

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