Knowledge Preservation

Knowledge Preservation is a premier information governance consulting practice that helps clients create, implement, and maintain defensible, cost-effective, flexible, and high-ROI records retention and data lifecycle structures. 


filerskeepers is extremely proud to be working with Knowledge Preservation. We believe that combining the richness of our global records retention database with Knowledge Preservation’s information governance consulting expertise helps to create the necessary framework for realizing the full benefits of a defensible information governance program.

About Knowledge Preservation

Knowledge Preservation can help you by:

  • advising on your records retention obligations, both on an ad-hoc basis and in the context of a full or partial-scale records management implementation project,
  • analyzing your records management strengths and needed improvements through a needs assessment and gap analysis and creating a cohesive information governance plan,
  • communicating the business case for records management to senior staff and internal stakeholders,
  • reviewing current and creating new records retention policies,
  • mapping your records to filerskeepers’ retention data, and
  • providing records management procedures and staff training.

Knowledge Preservation was founded by Phyllis Elin, Ph.D., a noted information governance expert and thought leader with more than 30 years of industry experience. Additional staff and management include legal professionals, information governance implementation experts and records management staff. Knowledge Preservation’s services have been retained by numerous highly regulated entities including government agencies, global corporations, and privately held companies.

“Knowledge Preservation is very proud to partner with filerskeepers which brings the ultimate depth needed to create defensible records management policies, procedures and methodologies.”

Phyllis Elin – CEO and founder of Knowledge Preservation

How Knowledge Preservation works with filerskeepers

Knowledge Preservation provides the consulting expertise and structural framework needed to harness the full benefits of our retention data platform. These benefits include reducing litigation and regulatory risks, improving records retrievability (finding the right records at the right time), and reducing data storage costs.

Typical engagements include:

  • informing a filerskeepers’ client when a record or record type identified within the filerskeepers’ schedule must be destroyed to comply with privacy obligations, or retained in hard copy due to specific hard-copy storage requirements,
  • helping a client implement the filerskeepers’ retention schedule as part of a structured records management implementation process that begins with a gap analysis evaluating client information governance strengths and weaknesses, the development of policies and procedures, and the mapping of client records to the filerskeepers retention schedule,
  • developing information governance policies and procedures or training on a stand-alone basis that integrate with the filerskeepers’ data,
  • coordinating the physical shredding or imaging of records identified within the filerskeepers’ schedule, and
  • advising client management on the best ways to communicate information governance priorities to staff.

filerskeepers’ staff works closely with Knowledge Preservation’s consultants to integrate our retention database into their consulting solutions to improve clients’ information governance structures and processes and to yield the full benefits of defensible information governance.

Why we love Knowledge Preservation

Establishing and maintaining a defensible information governance system can be a change project of “bet the company” importance. This is especially true in today’s age of heightened privacy enforcement where it is common practice for regulators to review and assess the sufficiency of company recordkeeping practices following a data breach or similar event.

Knowledge Preservation’s consultants have provided top-tier information governance consulting services to clients across a broad range of industries including life sciences, healthcare, energy, banking, insurance and finance, technology products and services, law firms, and government agencies, for over 30 years, across the US, Canada, EMEA, and APAC.

Knowledge Preservation’s team offers highly responsive, cost-conscious, and knowledgeable information governance solutions, and we view the firm as a valuable and trusted partner for clients seeking to obtain solutions that seamlessly integrate with our data platforms.

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