Wrangu data retention

Wrangu can help you manage your privacy, compliance and risk actives and get you in control of your records retention.


The combination of the Privacy Hub by Wrangu and filerskeepers allows for a clear, transparent and efficient management of the data lifecycle ensuring end-to-end compliance from the moment the data is collected up to and including the end of the retention period.

About Wrangu

Wrangu delivers software solutions that helps clients to overcome their risks and compliance challenges. Specialists in Integrated Risk, Security and Privacy Management, the Privacy Hub combines the flexibility to meet your business’ needs, whilst creating efficiencies to drive your ROI, and delivering transparency to keep the board happy.

Wrangu’s expertise in the Data Privacy space in combination with filerskeepers’ experience in data retention policies mean extra peace of mind for any organization that chooses to combine the two solutions together. – Lee Grant, CEO at Wrangu


How Wrangu works with filerskeepers

Efficient management of key GDPR processes through intuitive key Privacy Hub modules such as:

  • Records of Processing Activities (ROPA)
  • Data Flow Mapping
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Data Breach Reporting
  • Data Subjects Rights (DSR)
  • Dashboard & Reporting

filerskeepers’ technology enables data privacy teams to comply with the retention policy applicable per data set, ensuring the timely deletion of that set within the regulatory framework defined by each country.

Why we love the Privacy Hub

Global privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, and others, have led to organizations changing the way they think about data privacy management. The Privacy Hub by Wrangu is a powerful and easy-to-use data privacy management software that solves these challenges at scale – allowing organizations to simplify their privacy program management in a single source of truth.

Frequently Asked questions

Does my Data Privacy Team and end users need to have specific training to be able to use the Privacy Hub by Wrangu?

The Privacy Hub by Wrangu is a very intuitive application, specific training for the Data Privacy Team and other business users is not necessary. However, we are very happy to provide specific training made for your organization’s needs.

Is English the only language available?
Not at all, the privacy hub by Wrangu is available in multiple languages, based on the customers needs.

Will you include more legislations in the future?
Yes, we will add more privacy legislations from across the globe over the next releases.

Do I need to buy all of the modules?
No, you can choose only the modules that your organization needs. You can add more modules later on, if you wish.

Can the Privacy Hub by Wrangu integrate with other applications?
The Privacy Hub by Wrangu is part of the ServiceNow platform and uses its vast integration capabilities including standard technologies like SOAP, REST and WSDL.

Do you have any other question?