Dear friends,

I am happy to announce that filerskeepers has announced to start sponsoring an amazing athlete. Please meet Leon Chevalier. Leon is a professional long distance triathlete, and is starting his second professional season racing Ironmans this year. Last year, as the new kid on the block, Leon won the iconic French triathlon the Embrunman and then went on to win Ironman Mallorca in a word-class field. Leon climbed from 420th to 22nd in the Professional Triathlete Organization’s World Rankings in less than a year, and qualified for two ironman world championships in his first pro season. Let’s take a moment to let that settle in…

“Anything is Possible”

Leon Chevalier filerskeepersIronman is one of the most challenging sporting competitions a human can partake in. Athletes complete a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and then run an entire marathon, all back to back! Most of us make it a life goal to complete a marathon, let alone running one after a swim and a bike ride. To most, finishing an Ironman would be achieving the impossible – it is no wonder that the Ironman franchise’s motto is “Anything is Possible.”

When we saw Leon’s incredible journey and progress in such a short timeframe, we could no longer sit idly. There was only one thing we could do and that was to support him in his endeavors. That is why we are extremely proud to announce our sponsorship of Leon Chevalier! We hope that we can help Leon on his triathlon journey, and contribute in any way we can to him achieving podiums, wins and all-round Ironman greatness!

filerskeepers and Léon Chevalier’s stories go hand in hand

It is astonishing how many parallels can be drawn between Leon’s journey as a professional Ironman athlete and our own epic journey and growth as a legaltech. Four years ago, Leon left his home country of France to move to Bath to study and train as a triathlete. At that same time, we started filerskeepers alongside our jobs as top-tier lawyers. Then around two years ago, Leon made the decision to truly commit to triathlon and see how he could do as a pro. Around that time, we decided to quit our lucrative jobs as lawyers and place all our chips in our startup. We decided to venture to where no lawyer has ever gone before. We comb through all the laws in the world to find regulations that inform companies how long they should be storing their data. Leon’s accomplishments for us are not only inspiring but also strikingly similar to our own achievements in these passing years. We now have 600+ multinational clients and 60+ partners worldwide. But to be frank, this all means nothing, the only thing that matters is the next stroke, the next pedal turn, the next step. Both Leon and our journeys have been hard, arduous, and… are far from over.

In every race, Leon not only achieves the impossible, but he excels at it! And so do we! Who are we, exactly? We’re filerskeepers, and we read all the laws in the world. We are accomplishing what lawyers have long thought was impossible, and we too are excelling at it.

About filerskeepers

about filerskeepers

filerskeepers provides multinationals and organizations insight into how long they should be storing their data based on legal requirements. We prepare data retention schedules based on our worldwide legal research, which we integrate into our seamless data retention dashboard and APIs. filerskeepers’ includes all the information businesses need to determine their minimum and maximum legal retention periods in the countries relevant to them. This is how we help companies to justify why they are storing data (“for compliance with income tax rules”) and for how long (“for 10 years from the date following the end of the book year”).

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