T-Systems helps companies to delete surplus stored data in dedicated environments and to secure mandatory data in the cloud in a way that is legally compliant.


T-Systems and filerskeepers are collaborating to bring peak performance to Records Management in organization. This partnership envisions achieving the deletion of unprotected and unwanted data all while shutting down age-old legacy systems and embracing newer, fool-proof methods of data retention and compliance all whilst hibernating data and records from older systems.

About T-Systems

T-Systems, part of Deutsche Telekom, is an internationally operating provider for information technologies and digital transformation. Recognising problems presented by ever-expanding legacy IT estates, T-Systems has developed its Managed Application Retirement Service (M.A.R.S.), a unique solution that enables organisations to shut down expensive, redundant or obsolete business applications whilst retaining meaningful access to the historical data / corporate memory. We migrate all relevant data from a legacy system to a cloud-based, read-only historization application where the original business logic is mimicked to provide familiar ‘Look and Feel’ navigation for reporting or data extraction. With the source data secure, auditable and compliant all software, hardware and associated resources required to manage the original application can then be fully decommissioned.

We are delighted to be working with filerskeepers to maintain compliance in the long-term retention of our client’s legacy data on the M.A.R.S. platform. The combination expertise we together provide gives our customers the confidence to let go of the past


How T-Systems works with filerskeepers

• Step 1: For any post-productive legacy system – identify necessary data and information needing to be kept for compliance purposes using filerskeepers retention schedules
• Step 2: T-Systems migrates that data toit’s cloud-based M.A.R.S. historization platform
• Step 3: Creation of user views of the data and any reports required for compliance purposes
• Step 4: On-going use of se filerskeepers retention schedules to manage and delete obsolete data to remain compliant whilst reducing legacy data footprint and cost of long term historization
• Step 5: Optional validation and certification of the solution by an auditor
• Step 6: Customer shuts down the legacy system, once assured that M.A.R.S contains all the necessary data from that system.

Benefits of using both T-Systems and filerskeepers

Keeping aside the reduction in operating costs, our partnership will also decrease complexity through centralization and the deactivation of legacy systems. Organizations will remain compliant, now more important than ever and be able to deal with legacy debt.at the same time.
Decreased redundancy and deletion of obsolete data reduce the risk of information leaks from data breaches by storing only necessary data, protected by one of the world’s most secure cloud infrastructures to ensure its safety.


Why we love T-Systems

T-Systems assists in the creation of a campus library for corporate memory by enabling companies to store historical data in secure environments in the cloud . With the use of the M.A.R.S, the business risks inherent in maintaining obsolete systems are significantly reduced without compromising the ability to search for and extract data needed for legal or reference purposes. Result: Effective historization all whilst meeting compliance requirements with help from filerskeepers.

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