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Syntho and filerskeepers are collaborating to bring its users strong expertise in AI-generated synthetic data, combined with the use of filerskeepers specialty in records retention and compliance. This partnership solves the global privacy dilemma and enables the open data economy, where data can be used and shared freely as well as privacy is guaranteed.

About Syntho

Since 2020, Syntho has been dominant in the world of AI-generated synthetic data using its platform to accelerate data-driven tech solutions. Despite launching in 2020, Syntho has already won Philips Innovation Award 2020 demonstrating its success and reliability. Syntho offers privacy-preserving synthetic data to unlock your data and take away legitimate privacy concerns. Focusing on synthetic data, their computer algorithm generates completely new and artificial data points.

Data is key to build data-driven tech in this digital transformation. Hence, combining the best insights in record retention and compliance from filerskeepers with smart tech solutions from Syntho to act upon them allows organizations a strong foundation to stay ahead of the competition.

Wim Kees (Co-founder and CEO, Syntho)

How Syntho works with filerskeepers

  • Step 1: Syntho allows its customers to easily connect to all the most popular databases as well as to integrate with your existing test automation and CI/CD tools.
  • Step 2: Automatically deduce the appropriate settings for your synthetic data job, including data types, PII, and table relationships. You are then able to further optimize these settings to match your use case.
  • Step 3: Syntho’s AI understands and learns all your data patterns and trends in order to generate a synthetic data twin of your data.
  • Step 4: Access filerskeepers platform and use necessary retention schedules.
  • Step 5: Delete redundant data, and store necessary data. Track changes in retention obligations through filerskeepers updates.
  • Step 6: Analyse and track your synthetic data.  Syntho allows you to observe how the data is automatically written to your destination of choice. Once a job is finished, you can analyze the privacy and utility of your synthetic data in your quality report.

Benefits of using both Syntho and filerskeepers

Combining the expertise of both filerskeepers and Syntho provides an insight into synthetic data and solves data privacy challenges.

Synthetic data is used by many organizations and is important for gaining digital trust, boosting data and insights, driving industry collaborations, and finally to realize speed and agility.

Endless valuable data opportunities are wasted due to “locked” data. As AI generated synthetic data is statistically identical in comparison to the original data, it can replace the use of original data in a privacy preservative manner. This allows organizations to bypass internal processes, risk assessments, data access requests and similar time-consuming overhead. This leverages organizations to unlock new and more data and access data faster to realize more innovation opportunities.

filerskeepers is known for its extensive research of jurisdictions all over the world to build the perfect retention schedules that do not leave even the smallest retention obligation behind.

Why we love Syntho

Syntho is the ultimate solution for AI-generated synthetic data supporting numerous types of data including structured data, multi-table databases and time-series data.  Various types of synthetic data exist and Syntho addresses and tackles them all with a strong focus on synthetic data generated by artificial intelligence (AI).  Syntho informs users on what type of synthetic data is most appropriate and encourages you to use their experts to deep dive your use case.

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