Innovating privacy and information governance


Solvation and filerskeepers have partnered with each other to help organizations navigate through the labyrinth otherwise known as privacy & information governance. With the vision of bringing innovative solutions to the picture of compliance & regulations, our partnership aims to assist you in making privacy a strong suit for your organization.

About Solvation

To empower businesses & thrive in the data age, Solvation navigates the data maze with innovative privacy solutions. Aiming to be the driving force behind organizations crafting and expanding their privacy and information governance initiatives organizations can envision Solvation is your dedicated squad of specialists, constantly anticipating and exceeding your compliance needs.

“Building a robust privacy and information governance program can feel overwhelming, especially with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. That’s why we at Solvation are excited to partner with filerskeepers. Their industry-leading records retention schedules seamlessly integrate with our programs, providing a critical missing piece for our clients. This partnership ensures organizations have the tools and guidance they need to manage data effectively and meet compliance requirements.”

– Abhi Mukundan, Managing Director, US, Solvation LLC

How Solvation works with filerskeepers

Regulatory compliance, being the ever-evolving challenge that it is, there is no surefire or stagnant strategy that can be applied to an organization’s backbone to ensure the perfect information governance solution. Working around the clock, here is how the Solvation and filerskeepers partnership will come in handy:

  • Step 1: Engage Solvation experts to design and execute an effective governance framework tailored to your organization, capitalizing on their existing expertise and knowledge.
  • Step 2: Kickstart your Data Map with guidance from Solvation by leveraging organizational knowledge and existing repositories.
  • Step 3: With help from filerskeepers retention professionals, map your data to your system and determine how long to store your data, both onsite and offsite.
  • Step 4: Build a robust and automated third-party risk management process and integrate it into the data mapping effort through Solvation’s process templates.
  • Step 4: Exploit the filerskeepers and Solvation partnership to enforce the Records Retention Schedule across the organization and reduce data storage costs and regulatory risks, ensuring compliance

Benefits of using both Solvation and filerskeepers

Solvation, a renowned expert in data governance, offers invaluable assistance to businesses in managing risks and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. Utilizing Solvation’s privacy audits, organizations can ascertain the optimal strategies and execution for their privacy frameworks. With filerskeepers collaboration on the plate, we can work together to build a fortress that is active 24×7 by optimizing your privacy strategies, ensuring regulatory compliance, and safeguarding sensitive information.

Why we love Solvation

Solvation is your launchpad for thriving data privacy and governance! Their expert team stays ahead of the curve, anticipating and conquering your compliance challenges. Together with filerskeepers, we are the ultimate dream team, collaborating seamlessly to master your data retention strategies through an up-to-date schedule duly enforced across the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Audit Services – A privacy audit is your business’s armor, safeguarding your operations and building customer trust – we guide through global regulations and industry standards for a simple and secure process.

Implementation Services – Seamlessly transition to robust data protection with our tailored solutions, compliance expertise, and team training, building trust in today’s data-driven landscape.

Managed Services – Our managed services keep your compliance rock-solid – we manage updates, monitor regulations, and fine-tune your privacy game, so you can focus on your business, worry-free.

Integration Services – Supercharge your privacy program with automation! We seamlessly integrate it with your existing systems. Imagine streamlining vendor onboarding through contract management system integration or handling privacy rights requests effortlessly with your ticket management system. We unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Forget cookie-cutter audits. We tailor each engagement to your specific goals. Need a program maturity assessment? We’ve got you covered. Preparing for new privacy laws? We’ll focus on compliance gaps. Worried about third-party risk or rights fulfillment? We’ll address those areas specifically. We deliver audits that meet your unique needs.

Our experience guiding organizations through privacy compliance translates into a smarter approach for you. We ask the right questions to ensure efficient and secure implementation, leveraging our proven processes, templates, and tools for privacy rights, impact assessments, risk management, and more. Building a compliant program is a sure thing with our expertise at your side.

Drowning in privacy regulations? Legal teams struggle to keep up with building and maintaining ongoing privacy programs. Business and Tech teams, while operational wizards, often lack the compliance expertise needed. Compliance feels like extra work, a non-revenue generating burden.

Here’s where we come in. We’ve built programs across industries and regions, fluent in technology, business, and data. We translate the legalese of compliance into operational reality. We don’t just help you build a robust privacy program, we run it for you. No more endless hiring, training, and retaining privacy specialists.

Imagine smooth sailing! Let us take the wheel on privacy compliance. Focus on what you do best – your core business – while we handle the ongoing management. It’s like autopilot for privacy, ensuring compliance and freeing up your resources.

Our comprehensive privacy program, overseen by a dedicated operations team, seamlessly integrates legal, business, technology, and vendor efforts for optimal compliance across privacy rights, third-party risk, impact assessments, and data mapping. Focus on your core business while we handle the day-to-day heavy lifting.

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