An intuitive and modular integrated risk management platform.


The collaboration between Smart Global Governance and filerskeepers offers organizations our extensive knowledge of retention periods through a rich database and Smart Global Governance’s powerful Integrated Risk Management platform. Customers Governance, Risk Management and Compliance processes will be easier to control, with limited risk and more efficiency.  

About Smart Global Governance

With a dynamic and increasingly complex world of governance and risk, Smart Global Governance provides services in technology which tackles problems including rising operating costs and time-consuming processes. This allows their customers to devote more time to other priorities. IT can synchronize data between 200+ apps to design powerful workflows and create custom integrations. 

Smart Global Governance is a leading global risk management company, whose software platform helps companies better manage their risks in a coordinated, cross-functional and real-time manner, enabling them to achieve significant productivity gains, manage compliance projects faster, collaborate with auditors, and ensure ongoing compliance with various applicable regulations and standards. 

 The platform covers risks such as: Data & Privacy, Digital & Cyber, Metaverse, Third Party, Compliance & Ethics, Audit and Control, Health & Safety, Quality, ESG, Legal. 

How Smart Global Governance works with filerskeepers

Smart Global Governance’s Integrated Risk Management platform addresses an organizations strategy, business operation and the activation of technology assets. Their digital transformation solutions ensure that Governance Risk and Compliance processes easier to control, more efficient and secure.  

 Combining Smart Global Governance’s ability in data and privacy risk with filerskeepers’ experienced and advanced global records retention database will ensure compliance with national and global regulations.  

Benefits of using both Smart Global Governance and filerskeepers

With Smart Global Governance, incidents that lead to unauthorized disclosure of personal data can be tracked allowing to point out where potential breaches may happen. Personal data flow can also be analysed and documented. As a result, it becomes significantly easier to distribute any privacy policy, track use awareness and ultimately strengthening security internally. 

Connecting your existing software and unstructured data to the solution will result in an increase in efficiency. Smart Global Governance claim an increase by 30% in team efficiency which allows a real-time view of data and privacy risks.  

Smart Global Governance’s solution offers a data and privacy risk module to aid your organization with increase in volume and variety. It coordinates local, national, international, and extraterritorial legal obligations with each other. With Smart Global Governance it is also possible to empower operational staff to allow compliance teams to only handle exceptions and have more time for analysis, recommendations, and follow-up all while coordinating teams and information systems and making the most of existing and untapped information (structured and unstructured data). 

Why we love Smart Global Governance

It cannot be implied enough on how automation of manual processes saves the organization more time. It is available on premises or as SaaS in 80 countries. As the system orchestrates teamwork, automates processes and improves customers’ security, it also automates the collection of unstructured data  

Customers can easily take advantage of their dashboard and report templates and set up their own performance indicators. They offer a range of 9 modules to meet your other needs. Their legal and normative intelligence is excellent with over 140 jurisdictions thus enabling organizations to centralize all compliance issues into one broad platform. 

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