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SixFifty and filerskeepers bring you the solution to two problems through a very exciting collaboration. Expect us to bring efficacy to all your data privacy-related issues as SixFifty helps comply with the legal documentation for major privacy laws worldwide and real time retention obligations are implemented from filerskeepers data through the SixFifty platform, allowing your team to stay compliant with privacy notices, policies, and retention schedules with minimal upkeep.

About Sixfifty

SixFifty makes creating and maintaining corporate legal documents Q&A simple and law-firm certain with the only automated legal expertise platform built for the enterprise. SixFifty delivers world-class legal expertise in user-intuitive software, as a service, to make privacy and legal teams more efficient, more compliant, and more beneficial for every company. Our toolset provides the needed notices, policies, contracts, addendums, assessments, and language your organization needs to stay compliant with these laws.

With the current focus on data privacy in the United States, record retention schedules have never been more important for businesses, and no one has a better tool for creating document retention schedules than filerskeepers. Their process is easy and affordable and the retention schedules they help businesses create are the best I’ve seen. Pairing their retention schedules with the best-in-class support of SixFifty’s privacy policies and documents is a unique proposition that will set a company up for success.

– Ryan Parker – Chief Legal Officer, SixFifty

How SixFifty works with filerskeepers

SixFifty helps organizations comply with the major privacy laws worldwide through our easy-to-use, automated document generator. The collaboration between filerskeepers and Sixfifty will work in the following steps:

  • Gather the laws you need to comply with privacy laws around the globe.
  • Generate customized draft schedule from industries and locations relevant.
  • Import filerskeepers retention schedules as needed without any hassle and check your mandatory retention obligations.
  • Draft a set of compliance documents that cover the various laws all over the world backed with filerskeepers guarantee.
  • Get updates whenever necessary changes are made to laws applicable to you and your specifications with all key points highlighted.

Benefits of using both Sixfifty and filerskeepers

Some of the utilizing the SixFifty-filerskeepers partnership are jotted down:

  • Access the specialized knowledge of filerskeepers, as well as the expertise of SixFifty’s legal team.
  • Receive notifications about changes to laws, and real-time monitoring of privacy regulations worldwide.
  • Create clear data retention policies without having to navigate multiple platforms.
  • Generate necessary privacy documents without the need for expensive outside counsel or consultants, saving time and money.

Why we love SixFifty

Thanks to SixFifty, it is easier now than ever to keep a close eye on privacy regulations around the world and get notified when laws have been changed to keep your documents updated. With their expert legal team, they plan to transform big, complicated requirements into a straightforward process making it an easier way to comply with global privacy regulations.

Empower in-house legal teams to build compliant privacy documents with guided walkthroughs using a smart conditional question-and-answer document generator. No matter the user’s area of expertise, SixFifty’s in-app guidance elevates them to an expert level in data privacy documentation.

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