The partnership of RSCF and filerskeepers bring Consultancy, Data protection & governance, and compliance in a single package. With the records retention solutions from filerskeepers and RSCF’s consultancy, one can have an all-in-one package that helps any organization become compliant and add security measures to the retained data.

About RSCF

RSCF GmbH is a German based consulting company and sees itself as a long-term or even lifetime partner for companies. Either as external data privacy officers (DPO) or by providing a qualified project management office that coordinates strategic projects and keeps organizational work off the departments. They have a large pool of experience from different mandates and past projects, therefore also injecting specific know-how and proven best practices into the clients’ companies as well. Especially in the field of data privacy, RSCF has an extensive network of practicing lawyers, who are sometimes also engaged as DPO at companies. They know exactly how far consulting goes and when you really need legal advice.

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How RSCF works with filerskeepers

RSCF offers support and advice on topics that are confidential and sensitive by focusing on:

  • Consulting
  • Data protection/privacy

This combined with filerskeepers expertise in data retention enables customers to receive optimal support for their company through the steps below:

  1. Gather all data within an organization.
  2. Use filerskeepers retention obligations to verify what data to keep and what to delete.
  3. Consultancy services offered by RSCF to implement filerskeepers files in all gathered data.
  4. Retain necessary documents, delete obsolete data within the organization, and achieve compliance.
  5. Use RSCF data security to strengthen privacy and secure all data in an organization from being leaked.

Benefits of using both RSCF and filerskeepers

Finding the correct method to solve project difficulties is tough for firms, especially larger corporations. This frequently begins with them drafting requests for bids (RFPs) for services they don't require. This is owing to the fact that their experts lack the extensive market and product knowledge that we possess. As a result, corporations and larger businesses spend a lot of money on consulting when a ready-to-implement solution already exists. That's where RSCF's knowledge of a larger market for products, as well as other firms' experiences with those products and the obstacles they had during adoption, comes in handy. Companies don't need a lot of "ifs" and "buts" in their consulting, but they do need consultation that is productive, minimizes friction, and provides value.

Why we love RSCF

We love RSCF because their data privacy knowledge is immensely helpful when consulting or leading projects on digital transformation. Our collaborations in data retention projects can add value for companies, contribute to digitalization and make our consulting products more efficient and customer friendly. Shareholders, managing directors, and upper management are relieved and can concentrate on their day-to-day business. With fair, structured offers, RSCF keeps your costs calculable and treats all issues professionally and with the utmost discretion. Their network and cooperating partners enable them to consult clients and companies of all sizes and all branches by providing special competencies regarding:

  • data privacy and
  • digitalization/digital transformation

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