filerskeepers is excited to announce its collaboration with two renowned industry experts, Darlene Rockenbaugh and Jane-Ann Harrison, in a project aimed at providing expert records retention solutions exclusively tailored for healthcare and financial institutions in the US. With a proven track record as one of the prominent records retention solutions providers, our goal has always been to optimize the way businesses handle their legal documents and records. Recognizing the challenges faced by organizations in heavily regulated industries like healthcare and finance, we are proud to have onboard two renowned industry experts, Darlene and Jane-Ann, in our team, who bring their extensive expertise in record retention compliance and best practices to this innovative venture. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide complete record retention solutions for financial and healthcare entities, from planning to execution, making your business compliant.

Let’s hear from the team!

“Understanding the challenges faced by organizations, particularly within heavily regulated industries like healthcare and finance, where record retention plays a critical role, we have joined forces with specialized experts in these sectors who have decades of experience that can make your record retention journey seamless. Darlene Rockenbaugh and Jane-Ann Harrison are highly esteemed professionals with extensive experience in record retention compliance and best practices.”- Wanne Pemmelaar

“Proper records management is key to defensible disposal, eDiscovery, and compliance! Don’t wait for a fire drill, BE PREPARED – know what records you have, where to find them, and how long you need to keep them! This is especially important in the healthcare and financial industries, as the landscape changes so do privacy rules and laws that we must adhere to and remain compliant.” – Darlene Rockenbaugh

“Building a Records Retention Schedule is the foundational component that provides organizations with the guidance and authority to effectively manage the information lifecycle. However, developing a retention schedule is only the first step, implementation needs to occur to ensure compliance. Consistently applying and following retention and disposal processes is needed to retain the information necessary to run the business, recover after a disaster, and meet regulatory obligations. Eliminating information no longer needed will also improve operational efficiencies by being able to find the right information at the right time, control storage costs and discovery efforts, and reduce risks by ensuring compliance with company policy and legal requirements.” – Jane-Ann Harrison

About filerskeepers

filerskeepers is a legal-tech company that reads all the laws in the world to identify data retention obligations and assists organizations in implementing those obligations to their data. filerskeepers believes that every company should know which retention obligations apply to them, and we put our efforts into ensuring that you stay updated with the latest data retention periods. filerskeepers offers you all the record retention obligations you need to stay compliant with regulations, worldwide. Our interactive Dashboard and API offer you industry-specific records retention solutions that can be integrated into your IT – Systems.

About Our Retention Experts

Darlene Rockenbaugh
Darlene RockenbaughSr. Director of Consultancy
Darlene Rockenbaugh has more than 35 years of experience in technology and Records Management, across multiple business disciplines. Her initial efforts were in developing global IT solutions in the financial, legal, healthcare, and aerospace industries. In the past 20 years, Darlene has developed and implemented Information Governance and Records Management programs. She was the Global Head of Archiving Operations for Citibank, Director of the Enterprise Records Management function at American Express, and an SME contractor at Deutsche Bank, MC Bernstein Data, Iron Mountain, and Citadel.

Darlene has worked on a variety of large organizations’ current and future state Information Governance development initiatives, driving compliance and reduction of legal and regulatory risk, and partnering with other stakeholders to implement Records Management programs. Notable initiatives include defensible disposition (reducing the amount of data held, decreasing processing costs, and streamlining control processes), and legacy clean-up efforts of paper archiving (resulting in a cost reduction of over $10 million).

Darlene graduated from the University of Phoenix with an MBA and from Arizona State University with a BS in Computer Information Systems.

Jane-Ann Harrison
Jane-Ann HarrisonSr. Director of Consultancy
Jane-Ann Harrison brings 18 years of experience in leading and building Information Governance and Records Management programs across multiple and diverse organizations. With a notable track record, Jane-Ann has been a key developer and promoter of policies, procedures, and projects consistent with corporate vision and approach to information management. Her expertise enhances compliance and reduces risk through the comprehensive management of information assets.

Throughout her career, Jane-Ann has held prominent positions, including Head of Information Governance and Records Management at Fresenius Medical Care North America. Prior to that, she held various records management roles at The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Enterprises. Jane-Ann has worked for a variety of large organizations, where she set up Information Governance and Records Management foundational components. Her ability to analyze complex situations enables her to develop customized enterprise solutions with solid implementation for tangible and lasting results.

Notably, Jane-Ann has led the development and implementation of high-profile, domestic, and global strategic business initiatives, including all aspects of Information Governance & Records Management Program components: design, implementation, marketing, communications, networking, training, and auditing.

Jane-Ann graduated from The University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her wealth of experience and expertise make her an invaluable asset to our collaboration.