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All data retention periods applicable in Singapore in one comprehensible records retention schedule. Do you keep records in a jar like delicious acar made of pickled cucumbers, carrots cabbage, shallots and yardlong beans?

The Singapore data retention schedule includes amongst other things the following records retention periods:

  • Accounts and legal records
  • Tax records
  • HR records
  • Health and safety records
  • Personal data and data privacy records

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The filerskeepers Singapore data retention subscription currently contains:

  • Over 45 Singapore data retention periods
  • Information about who should keep what data, for which time period, starting when, it is a maximum or minimum period
  • All with a link to the legal reference

All in a handy Excel format. This way, you can adjust, add or export elements to share with your IT or business. Also, you will be able to combine different country schedules. For example, you could merge all ‘accounts and legal records’ data retention periods into one excel.

Accounts and legal records

  • Singapore Standards on Auditing
  • Civil Law Act
  • Limitation Act
  • Consumer Protection (Trade Descriptions and Safety Requirements) Act
  • Company Act

Tax records

  • Income Tax Act
  • Goods and Services Tax Act
  • Customs Act

HR records

  • Employment Act
  • Payroll Tax Act
  • Employment of Foreign Manpower (Security Measures for Work Place) Notification
  • Central Provident Fund Act

Health and safety records

  • Workplace Safety and Health Act

Personal data and data privacy records

  • Personal Data Protection Act