• Try a filerskeepers sample data retention schedule for free! You will never be stuck in the maze of data retention again. filerskeepers data retention schedules tell you who should keep what data, for which time period, starting when, and if it is a maximum or minimum period, all with a link to the legal reference. All our data retention schedules are in excel. This way, you can adjust, add or export elements to share with your IT or business. Also, you will be able to combine different country schedules. For example, you could merge all 'accounts and legal records' data retention periods into one excel. You will receive a the Netherlands sample data retention schedule. So you can try the look and feel of a filerskeepers data retention schedule. The full Netherlands data retention schedule includes the following records retention periods: Accounts and legal records Tax records HR records Health and safety records Environmental records Transport records Critical infrastructure records Personal data and data privacy records
  • Join hundreds of companies and pre-order the Gambia data retention subscription. It will include all data retention periods applicable in Gambia. From the Gambia Civil Code down to the Tax act. You will know exactly how long to store your data in Gambia, whether it concerns e.g. your accounting, fiscal, HR, CRM, or personal data.


    - Over 308 Gambian data retention periods - Info regarding who should keep what data, how long, when, and if it is a maximum or minimum period - With legal references and links to the official legal source - Up to date and updated frequently - Printer friendly format, designed for A4 printing - All in a handy Excel format

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