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The PrivIntelligent Solutions and filerskeepers collaboration combines specialists in data protection with global data retention experts. Ensuring that enterprises can confidently decide how long to store data and be aware of the laws surrounding records retention. Additionally, PrivIntelligent guarantees a range of cost-effective services and provides guidance and support throughout to ensure privacy compliance.

About PrivIntelligent

With ever-changing data protection laws, assessing your company’s compliance risk is vital. This is where PrivIntelligent Solutions excel. Having collaborated internationally with House of Data Imperiali an Italian company, based in Milan, with lawyers and consultants with 30 years of experience in the field of privacy and data protection, PrivIntelligent Solutions expertise, depth and knowledge have expanded vastly. filerskeepers adds to this with our extensive knowledge and up to date database and spreadsheets.

We take pride in offering hands on and tailor made support to our clients

– PrivIntelligent

How PrivIntelligent works with filerskeepers

PrivIntelligent Solutions works with filerskeepers to bring its customers reliable and up-to-date schedules informing companies on global data retention legislations as well as offering training in data protection and privacy compliance.

  • Privacy Compliance Services – through this, PrivIntelligent Solutions offer training and awareness services, evidence of compliance documentation, including records of processing.
  • Data Protection Officer Services – access services including third-party risk management which involves maintaining records of data processing agreements with third parties.

Benefits of using both PrivIntelligent and filerskeepers

  • Offers a full range of data protection services, making the law easy to understand, focusing on implementation user experience (UX) and cost-effectiveness.
  • Helps operationalize privacy by providing guidance and supporting privacy compliance.
  • Maintains a continuous overview of the data privacy compliance project by allocating a dedicated project manager and using automation and IT tools (RPA, consent management, data subject requests).
  • Ensures customers meet privacy standards across the globe and handles ongoing data privacy management and compliance taking the pressure off in-house legal teams.
  • Provides flexible fee arrangements and we can provide a lower cost structure to meet budget constraints

Why we love PrivIntelligent Solutions

PrivIntelligent’s expert training in data protection and privacy compliance perfectly complements the services of filerskeepers. With extensive knowledge of compliance reviews and conducting high-risk assessments for existing process activities as well as for third parties, this collaboration ensures that customers know how long to store their data, are kept up to date with the ever-changing laws and regulations, and all while managing privacy risk effectively.

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