Priverion drives the smart transition of your management system from initial compliance to Data Protection, IT Security and Cybersecurity maturity.


filerskeepers and Priverion a data protection expert has teamed up to solve the nightmares of data protection and retention! Priverion provides a cloud-based compliance solution that helps you to create, evaluate and support data protection compliance in a structured way. Using the filerskeepers backed retention obligations, one can easily document and monitor the retention obligations and link them to Business Applications and Records of Processing Activities

About Priverion

Priverion helps innovative companies around the world set up efficient data protection operations and increase their data protection maturity. Data protection and IT Security are becoming more and more important in today’s world. The trend towards more privacy regulation and the rising expectations of the customer will only increase. Priverion is a platform that allows companies efficiently cope with the ever-growing tidal wave of privacy demands.

“Using filerskeepers we are able to offer our customers a retention management solution without the need for lengthy consulting projects.”

– Priverion

How Priverion works with filerskeepers

Priverion and filerskeepers have collaborated to bring its users a top-notch retention management solution. With Priverion ensuring data protection compliance and filerskeepers expertise in retention management, comes the ability to increase data protection and IT security maturity while complying with local, regional and global data retention obligations.

  • Step 1: Identify all data and processing records in your organization.
  • Step 2: Assign retention periods to your data and processes
  • Step 3: Apply and retain necessary records and data and destroy obsolete information with guidance from filerskeepers schedule. Save time without pondering on worrying about compliance and reduce data size eventually saving money along the line.
  • Step 4: Document deletion and retention through the Priverion platform.
  • Step 5: Keep getting updated on retention periods with filerskeepers and define the necessary steps through the Priverion platform.

Benefits of using both Priverion and filerskeepers

Priverions self-developed platform and runs on a modern Kubernetes infrastructure. With specialized partners such as filerskeepers– integrated via APIs – Priverion offers a best-of-breed approach. This approach distinguishes other offerings in the market, which try to build or rebuild existing solutions. This partnership approach allows Priverion to select the best solution providers in the market for a specific challenge.

Priverion specializes in increasing an organizations data protection and IT security maturity. Combined with filerskeepers retention schedule the Priverion platform makes not only meeting compliance requirements easy but leads the path to an increased data protection and IT security maturity. Ultimately both solutions combined will reduce the risk of data breaches and improve the compliance and security posture of your organization.

Why we love Priverion

With companies becoming increasingly conscious of the financial effect of privacy and data protection compliance, the importance of privacy is increasing. To that end, Priverion uses a platform to increase the maturity levels in data protection, privacy, and IT security.

Priverion itself runs regular tests on each system. Not only does Priverion run updates for every production system on a regular basis to make sure all components are on their newest stable version, but also allows customers or external parties to do audits on request ensuring maximum privacy and transparency.

Frequently Asked questions

Q: What if I have an existing solution or documentation?

A: This is not a problem at all. Most organizations have some kind of documentation in place. We offer an onboarding package to import all of your existing information, so you can directly start off with a ready to go platform.

Q: Is it possible to manage multiple organizations in the solution?

A: Yes, our platform supports multiple organizations and also sharing. So you do not have to input the same information twice if another organization in your group uses for example the same process or vendor.

Q: Do you support Vendor Assessments?

A: Yes, our solutions allow for Vendor Assessments using automated questionnaires and based on international standards (ISO 27005 or NIST)

Do you have any other question?