Privacyengine filerskeepers records retention


PrivacyEngine can help you manage complex data retention obligations in your GDPR records of processing.


PrivacyEngine has partnered with filerskeepers to offer its Data Privacy Platform customers instant access to legally defined data retention schedules for completing Records of Processing Activities. The level of data available is global and detailed down to specific sections within legislation, providing our clients with unparalleled levels of insight and accuracy.

About PrivacyEngine

PrivacyEngine is a leading Data Privacy solution and services provider for organizations in retail, hospitality, not for profit, medical / clinical research, financial services, local government, and governmental agencies. PrivacyEngine offers a modular approach to implementing data privacy management regardless of your organisation’s size, location or compliance program needs. It streamlines the delivery of Data Privacy compliance for GDPR, CCPA or HIPAA and global records retention, with the complete Data Privacy compliance platform, expert data-protection consultants, and real-world implementation experience.

How PrivacyEngine works with filerskeepers

PrivacyEngine, has Integrated filerskeepers to provide a single data privacy management platform which includes the ability to ensure global data privacy programs comply with the myriad of local, regional and global data retention obligations.

  • Use the filerskeepers capability In PrivacyEngine to rapidly identify data retention schedules of hundreds of countries and states, over 1300 categories and subcategories of data and record types across virtually any industry.

  • Save time and effort searching websites and other sources to identify which rules apply in each relevant jurisdiction.

  • Record what data to store; the period of retention for that data; and from when the data was first processed.
  • Demonstrate ‘material evidence’ of compliance with data retention obligations, by enforcing the decisions within the legal framework down into the data.


Benefits of using both PrivacyEngine and filerskeepers

PrivacyEngine offers exciting benefits to businesses wishing to fully manage the three-dimensional world of global data protection compliance and records retention.

Privacy Management – PrivacyEngine supports all regulatory aspects of privacy management, such as managing individual rights, reporting data breaches and incidents, and tracking how an organization uses, processes and stores personal data.

Stakeholder Training, Awareness & Assessment – Employees and contractors are still the most common cause of data and security breaches across all types of organization from the largest corporations to small and medium enterprises, government agencies and NGOs. PrivacyEngine incorporates a comprehensive Learning Management System with 100s of hours of regularly updated, on demand content for all data-protection training needs, coupled with Assessment and Questionnaire functionality for carrying out data protection impact and employee assessments as needed.

Vendor Management – Vendors are the second highest cause of data and security breaches. PrivacyEngine’s Vendor Management capabilities include end-to-end vendor evaluation and risk assessment for on-boarding new vendors and reviewing existing vendors.

Why we love PrivacyEngine

There are not many full suite data protection compliance software providers who can actually back it up with decades of top tier consultancy. PrivacyEngine is a true data protection “original”. It was around pre-GDPR and pre-CCPA. PrivacyEngine has made the impressive transformation from a consultancy into a comprehensive and cutting edge privacytech solution provider. As a result, PrivacyEngine solutions possess the “privacy soul” so badly needed in global data protection products. We prefer not to refer to PrivacyEngine as just a data privacy solution provider, but as a trusted advisor. And because they were the first in the market to recognize the potential of a partnership with filerskeepers!

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