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MinerEye offers automated data discovery, classification and governance of unstructured data for privacy compliance, cloud data optimization and data protection.


MinerEye and filerskeepers have teamed up to combine legal data retention obligations with MinerEye’s sophisticated suite of solutions for unstructured data mapping, retention policies management and overall unstructured data governance.

About Minereye

MinerEye enables organizations to overcome the information governance. MinerEye provides an automated visual mapping for file and document data that can be analysed easily for multiple use cases: data privacy regulation, data retention and management, cloud data optimization. MinerEye has developed a disruptive, award-winning AI technology that tracks sensitive, personal and business data in any organization’s platform and unstructured data repository. MinerEye has reimagined sensitive data security by offering a completely new way to structure the unstructured data and classify it by its detailed entities, meta-data and graphical objects as it highlights and scores file risk.

Yaniv Avidan (CEO & Co-founder at MinerEye) explains – “Integrated with filerskeepers, MinerEye was able to offer its customers a unique automation around the Discovery of files and their business topic taxonomy, associate them with their Data Retention schedules according to regulation, automating retention and disposal, thus reducing risk and saving significant time in manual labour.”

How Minereye works with filerskeepers

In a hybrid environment of multiple cloud platforms, organizations experience data sprawl that makes the application of data retention policies exceptionally challenging and at times impossible. Automated discovery and classification are required to reduce the amount of work required. MinerEye and filerskeepers offer organisations end-to-end records retention through the following steps:

  • Step 1: automated, continuous analysis and categorization of unstructured data, identifying ROT data that should not be moved to the cloud.
  • Step 2: De-duplicate and identify near duplicates using visual correlation and machine learning over file content and context data.
  • Step 3: Leverage the granular and multi-dimensional analysis level and its automated categorization to business topic taxonomy, to Integrate the data retention rules from filerskeepers and to enable an automated disposal or retention.
  • Step 4: Continuously supports and monitors the implementation of data retention policies that significantly reduces cloud and manual labour costs.


Benefits of using both Minereye and filerskeepers

MinerEye offers significant benefits wishing to carry out data retention.

Quantify Risk

Combining MinerEye and filerskeepers will not only inform you and enable you to confidently decide how long you should keep your data but will also enable customers to manage their data risks and greatest challenges in security. MinerEye is unique because it takes on board records retention in its risk quantification feature. This means that upon discovery and classification, MinerEye assigns a risk scoring of unprotected or non-compliant file data so that it can be prioritized for decision making.

Improve your file management in seconds

Organizations moving to MinerEye’s gain automated file data management and radically improved privacy compliance by enabling multi-dimensional mapping within seconds.

Save Money

Efficient automation on top of big data analyzes a variety of formats and platforms finding both the actual duplication and the “near duplication” data minimizing migration costs from 30-50%.

Implement for speed and versatile in performance

Get the benefits of agile deployment and operation. MinerEye has unmatched speed to results and is a hybrid solution, on-premise or cloud-native deployment. Seamlessly switch from a lite to enterprise-enabled solution.

Implement data retention to unstructured data

Correlating multiple dimensional analysis that enables granular dissection of data, thereby enabling implementing customized data retention policies. Automated, fast identification of duplicate files in unstructured data including attachments, teams messaging and graphic objects, OCR/ Images, scanned PDFs, Office, text/csv and binary data.

Why we love Minereye

From replacing DLP solutions to cloud optimization, MinerEye solutions’ innovative approach in the world of unstructured data is making an impact. We know that organizations are always worried about their data compliance and data retention in unstructured data and specifically their email and chat messages. MinerEye is fantastic because it tackles these issues head on. With MinerEye, you will have advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies as well as discover and monitor organizations’ sensitive data within its dark data repositories within minutes.

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