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LexShift and filerskeepers have partnered upbringing you legal services combined with AI-backed technology. The advisory from LexShift is backed with AI reasoning to get you the best legal services and suggestions to throttle your business upwards. With filerskeepers joining hands, you will be able to recognize all necessary records and information required to be stored or deleted to maintain compliance and take further steps to guarantee future legal governance, thanks to LexShift.

About LexShift

Technology is transforming legal services delivery. But the legal technology landscape is overwhelming and dynamic. And technology for technology’s sake is useless, or worse.

LexShift identifies the right technologies for the right problems, then merges those technologies with the critical people and processes that turn them into full-fledged solutions.

The results are innovative products and services that increase dramatically the efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability of legal services.

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How LexShift works with filerskeepers

  • Disaggregation
    Figure the best steps to take and remove the last effective functions from your business process through LexShift's advisory.
  • Automation
    Leverage best-in-breed technology to make complex tasks, analyses, and workflows simple and repeatable. Better still, build solutions that learn from experience. With in-depth knowledge of the technology landscape and relationships with many leading providers, we help clients identify and implement the most appropriate tools for each job.
  • Scalability
    Build systems that capture knowledge, replicate subject-matter proficiency, and learn from experience. By building scalable solutions to common pain points, legal and other expertise previously available only in the form of billable hours can be made accessible and affordable to any number of end users, anywhere and anytime, under a wide variety of pricing models.
  • Collaboration
    Whether cross-platform, cross-provider, or even cross-industry, collaboration accelerates innovation and exponentially increases the likelihood of success. Through our longstanding relationships with leading professional services firms, technology providers, corporate stakeholders, and many others, we approach every problem as an opportunity to build something greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Compliance & Security
    Achieve true compliance with game-changing consultancy from LexShift powered by AI technology and enhance security through governance expertise from filerskeepers to reduce and bring structure to unstructured and redundant data.

Benefits of using both LexShift and filerskeepers

A solid retention schedule is the foundation of effective information governance. But keeping up with what's often a complex legal landscape and mapping specific obligations to mountains of business records can be a Herculean task for any organization. Utilities offered by filerskeepers can simplify that process and help achieve records retention with ease. With LexShift’s very own records management platform, inventories and mapping individual record types to applicable legal requirements such as minimum and maximum retention periods, privacy, and more with accuracy thanks to filerskeepers expertise. And because the underlying research is continually updated and global in scope, it ensures that decisions always are made based on intelligence that's complete, current, actionable, and affordable.

Why we love LexShift

LexShift is a technology and advisory company that builds expert systems and other AI-driven solutions to legal and compliance problems and helps others do the same. By combining more than two decades of Big Law experience with people, process, and technology capabilities from strategic partners, LexShift is reengineering legal services and empowering customers and clients to achieve the “iron triangle”—better, faster, and less costly solutions to their most pressing challenges. LexShift will observe the best solution for you to bring you:

  1. Product and solution development
  2. Planning and execution of innovation initiatives
  3. Ideating, prototyping, and building minimum viable products (MVPs)

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