A Proven Framework for Smart, Affordable Information Governance


iGMapware offers industry-leading software and consulting for building ‘big bucket’ retention schedules, aggregating complex information environments into 80-120 retention rules. iGMapware is now more powerful than ever with the addition of filerskeeper’s 200,000+ global legal obligations / citations. Information assets and their metadata are identified and tracked in iGMapware’s Registry and Application modules. These proven capabilities provide a compliant and sustainable foundation for information governance.

About iGMapware

iGMapware industry experts can assist with your information compliance and records management initiatives, including:

  • ​Retention schedule development
  • Legal research to support information governance compliance
  • Information asset inventories (data, records, privacy metadata, etc.)
  • System / application / environment identification
  • Program design and development, including policies and procedures
  • Program implementation strategies and implementation support
  • Staff and end user training

iGMapware is an easy to use, cloud-based SaaS application that contains powerful features such as workflow and detailed audit trails. It is affordable, flexible, secure, scalable, and highly configurable. It requires no installation or on-site maintenance. This patented software can be easily deployed with minimal IT support.

iGMapware was founded by Jeanne B. Caldwell, MLIS, CRM, FAI. Her company pioneered the ‘big bucket’ approach to retention. iGMapware has built 125+ functional retention schedules across a broad spectrum of industries and public agencies including financial services, pharma, energy, mining, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and retail.

“Information governance has become critical for organizations. No longer ‘once and done, a sustainable compliance framework built with expert knowledge is essential.”

– Jeanne Caldwell, Founder & CEO, iGMapware

iGMapware Modules

The iGMapware solution enables clients to use filerskeeper’s powerful citation indexing to map retention citations to ‘big bucket’ retention rules that have been customized to their industry and lines of business. The solution can be configured to deliver ‘need to know’ retention schedules for each country, state, or province.

In addition to the Retention Schedule and Citation modules, the Registry and Application modules identify where and what information assets exist, including privacy data. This facilitates regulatory compliance by providing companies with the ability to respond to audits, investigations, and litigation quickly and thoroughly.

Benefits of using both iGMapware and filerskeepers

filerskeepers global retention database is fully integrated into the iGMapware solution. Combining the functional retention schedule expertise of iGMapware with filerskeepers’ global legal research offers clients significant benefits for identifying and classifying their information assets, while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, no matter where they operate globally.

filerskeepers & iGMapware – Better Together

There is no bigger compliment than to be able to work with such a premier provider of information governance solutions and professional services. iGMapware clients are typically from highly regulated industries such as healthcare, oil and gas, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, government, and more. We are proud to have been selected by iGMapware to ensure they have all the retention citations they need to properly service their clients. Together with iGMapware we are certain we can solve the problem of global records retention!

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