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ICA Consultancy and filerskeepers have partnered up to help businesses manage their risk and stay compliant with the ever-changing data retention legislations. ICA Consultancy offers advice and expert services to help organizations identify, manage, and mitigate information, cyber, and privacy risks.

About ICA Consultancy

filerskeepers is extremely excited about this partnership with ICA Consultancy, especially as we share similar values and ethics. We admire their commitment to supporting employees, partners, and customers in the workplace by promoting harassment and fear free working environment. ICA Consultancy covers a broad range of clients from supporting due diligence activities on both potential investments and third parties supporting the business, to working with technology vendors to understand the current challenges across industries helping them understand and communicate the use cases against which they can add value.

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How ICA Consultancy works with filerskeepers

ICA Consultancy ensures its customers can tackle risk and plan for any future cyber-attacks. With vast developments meaning businesses and their work are all online, protecting your data and information is essential. Through ICA Consultancy's skilled resources, pragmatists and long-lasting solutions are available to help our clients mature while maximizing the returns on their investments. ICA Consultancy’s three-step strategy will ensure that companies understand and can tackle the risks effectively by assessing and identifying risks, implementing a strategy, and being aware of the threat landscape.

This compliments filerskeepers services extremely well as we provide online resources and a database which ensures your company is compliant and safe. What better than to combine both and ensure that your online documents are safe from cyber-attacks and confidently decide how long you keep your data with our records retention!


Benefits of using both ICA Consultancy and filerskeepers

With the increase in technology and digitalization, cyber security is vital for companies to manage risk and privacy. ICA Consultancy offers its clients expert advice and services which tackle all cyber risks:

  • Assess – Firstly, as part of ICA Consultancy's’ assessment services, the Cyber Security Posture Review (CSPR) helps organizations to understand their current maturity as well as identify risks and provide recommendations. This is all mapped to the National Cyber Security Centre’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security, to ensure they operate an effective cyber security framework against the ever-evolving threat landscape. These steps involve applying secure configurations to all systems, protecting your networks from attacks, and establishing a monitoring system to track any threat of an attack. ICA Consultancy experts will take you through each step and help you understand the scope.
  • Assist – Within the Assist Service, the Security Operations Centre (SOC) helps organizations detect and respond to those security events that circumvent or manipulate existing security controls. Events will still occur within your organization, even if you have advanced security services and the only way to control their effects is to be able to identify and reduce their effects as soon as they occur, this is where ICA Consultancy will help you.
  • Advise – despite extensive efforts to implement technical controls, cyber-attacks still occur. Therefore, through their Security Awareness Training (SAT), employees will understand the key risks, threats, and vulnerabilities and most importantly the impact that a breach can have on the business and their own lives. A key takeaway from these trainings is that whilst humans are typically the ‘weak link,’ they can also be the strongest form of defense.

Why we love ICA Consultancy

Securing your business from cyber-attacks and understanding how to prevent as well as tackle the threats? What more could you want! ICA Consultancy’s expertise and services are an essential aspect of online data protection and privacy protection. Finally, ICA Consultancy can also bespoke engagements to client requirements and will always work with clients to define and deliver the most appropriate service based on their needs.

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