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  • Data retention schedules in over 260 countries and states

  • Automatically map legal retention rules to your data

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filerskeepers is excited to exhibit at the upcoming IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington D.C.! We cordially invite you to visit our booth and discover how we can help you manage your data retention like never before!!

At filerskeepers, we read all the laws in the world to identify data retention obligations and assist companies in implementing those obligations to their data. Specialized for multinationals and business organizations: our data retention schedules are prepared based on our worldwide legal research, following diverse industries and data types, which we integrate into our comprehensive data retention Dashboard and APIs. With the filerskeepers dashboard in hand, companies can build personalized data retention schedules in minutes according to their requirements.

Meet us in the exhibit hall and seize the opportunity to unlock the full potential of data retention with us!

  • Learn more about our unique solutions that can help you build your personalized data retention schedules in MINUTES!
  • Get a live demo of our super user-oriented data retention DASHBOARD and learn how you can develop your enterprise records management program with the filerskeepers dashboard: enriched with advanced functionalities, faster systems, increased security, and an intuitive user interface.
  • Get to know about how filerskeepers can automate your data retention process by integrating filerskeepers data retention API into yours and elevate your records management system.

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Build a data retention schedule in minutes

Goodbye* Excel spreadsheets and pdfs, welcome records retention dashboard! The filerskeepers dashboard is built for enterprises who want to get and remain in control of records retention, data and truly become data compliant. Further, develop your enterprise records management program with the filerskeepers dashboard. Enriched with new functionalities and a system built for future expansion! We cannot wait to connect it to Microsoft Purview Records Management!

* Not really goodbye Excel spreadsheets, you will still be able to download them from our new dashboard!

data retention schedule

Build your own bespoke schedule

Build your records retention schedule with our My Schedule functionality and integrate retention into your systems!

Map retention rules to your data

Indicate which jurisdictions you are located and which industries you operate in and we will:

  • Provide up to 5 citations per country or state relevant to your record type
  • Alert you when the laws change

  • Add and remove record types as your business changes

  • Allow you to create your own business rules that fit your company

  • Receive insights to the level of the text of the law

  • Add and remove jurisdictions as your group changes

…fully automated and with a few clicks of a button!

And create golden rules

Simplify global, regional or even national retention of records by implementing golden standards:

  • Calculate what the most optimal retention period is given the jurisdictions you are in
  • Choose between shortest maximum, longest minimum or compliance with most applicable laws (our personal favorite)

  • Make adjustments as your business needs change

  • Learn what your residual risk is, which jurisdictions deviate from the golden standard

  • Receive insights into how we calculate the golden standards

  • Learn how changes in the law impact your golden standard

Made by top tier lawyers turned legal tech experts

filerskeepers was founded by two top tier data protection lawyers turned legaltech and data retention pioneers. filerskeepers has decades of experience in setting up global data protection frameworks, privacy and data retention litigations. We have seen the red spots in the necks of the EU data protection regulators when they discuss the topic of data retention. Our research and the filerskeepers data retention dashboard was build on hundreds of real life experiences of our clients.

global HR data retention

Why choose the filerskeepers dashboard?

The filerskeepers dashboard will be your one-stop solution to help you prepare your records retention schedule in an advanced and organized manner.

All the laws in the world under your fingertips

With the GDPR and CCPA in effect, the EU e-Privacy regulation on the way, and an expanding body of industry-specific regulations, filerskeepers dashboard, which ensures data governance and educates on records retention, is more essential than ever now.

Build your own data retention schedule with MySchedule functionality

With filerskeepers dashboard in your hands, you will be now able to build your own personalised data retention framework as per your requirement. Additionally, users are able to set golden standards per retention obligations.

Be alerted to any changes in the law

Stay up to date with the ever-changing data legislations through filerskeepers downloadable dashboard which allows users to track and be alerted to changes in the law.

Retention Viewer: all the rules of the world in one place

Retention viewer functionality is used to find and download all the legal retention obligations applicable to the user’s organization.

data retention viewer filerskeepers

Sort and filter retention citations

Search and filter data by categories, subcategories, record type, add keywords to find the retention citations you need. Customize the data you need to work with without having to look up every single law that exists in the world.


All retention obligations based on the published jurisdictions can be exported in either Excel or CSV format following the type for each of the files.

Receive notification when the law changes

We make a film of all our retention obligations. If any new retention obligation is added to any schedule and any property (Who, what to store, legal reference, etc.) of a retention obligation is updated, you will receive a real-time notification.

Set your own Business Rules

Set your own Business Rules, whether based on actual legal retention rules or as determined by your organisations, store them for later use, run reports and integrate Business Rules into your My Schedule project.

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“Data protection is knowing how long to keep your data.”

Wanne Pemmelaar, CEO & Co-founder

263 countries and counting…

new countries

US (federal), Japan, Singapore, UK, France, Germany and many more. We got them. And we are always adding new countries to our collection.

Are you missing a country? Let us know!

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Our methodology

We read all the laws and regulations in the world in search of records retention obligations and statutory limitations. From there we obtain all retention obligations and statutory limitations and place them in our taxonomy.

We check for missing topics and obligations and confirm our findings based on our taxonomy. We check with local counsel where necessary, receive user feedback and track for changes in the law!