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Teaming up, GRM & filerskeepers will solve all hurdles faced, by offering records retention services from top to bottom in an organization. Additionally, GRM offers a services platform that ranges from storing documents to applying enterprise content management systems to business process optimization software.

About GRM

GRM Information Management is a leading provider of information management systems with nearly 40 years of experience. GRM is a key provider of enterprise content management systems, document storage, and scanning services as well as workflow and business management. They provide a robust, cloud-based platform that serves as the centrepiece of the digital solutions that GRM provides its clients.

“GRM is a proud partner of FK, the integration of our services allows GRM to offer its customers a unique combination of business automation & intelligent capture, secure compliance driven access and storage along with retention management features which creates a holistic solution for clients looking for decreases costs, labor, risk while at the same time enhances its level of records security and compliance.”

Chris DeGeorge, Director of Sales, GRM Document

How GRM works with filerskeepers

GRM is exceptionally well-equipped to provide exactly what you need on the information management front.

  • Step 1: Access filerskeepers dashboard to rapidly identify data retention schedules of hundreds of countries and states, over 1300 categories and subcategories of data and record types across virtually any industry.
  • Step 2: Through GRM, documents are kept secure in their facilities. And state-of-the-art digital inventory management provides access at your fingertips.
  • Step 3: After scanning and converting any documents into digital assets, secure deletion and shredding services are available.
  • Step 4: Achieve compliance and governance, with the experience, systems and technology available to ensure compliance with the combined records management services.


Benefits of using both GRM and filerskeepers

GRM offers a Content Services Platform (CSP) which is agile and highly scalable enterprise content management system that seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure and multiple databases. This CSP is much more than a straightforward document management solution. It is the best option for sharing papers and streamlining business workflows.

By using both GRM and filerskeepers, customers can streamline processes such as everyday business tasks including purchase order or claims processing which are often manual. These are usually prone to delays and errors, and often create bigger problems when derailed. Therefore, with GRM’s content services, you can easily automate and streamline such processes. filerskeepers takes organization and compliance one step further by determining what data to keep, how long to preserve these data, and what data is redundant and must be dealt with and dealt with those data first-hand.

Why we love GRM

filerskeepers is working globally to solve problems relating to retention obligation worldwide. GRM will benefit filerskeepers customers by offering additional support for your physical and digital records including storage and deletion.

GRM has over 15 facilities specializing in document management, which are all well-equipped and staffed to manage your physical records from initial storage to destruction. GRM goes the extra mile by offering clients digitization solutions, as well as physical solutions, that include document scanning services & OCR data extraction and digital record storage in a cloud-based, end-to-end encrypted online repository.

Finally, throughout the whole process, GRM provides life cycle information management services and expert advice every step of the way.

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