filerskeepers and Go Forest have teamed up to create a better world with data compliance and sustainability! 

Go Forest embarked on its journey to create a more sustainable future for all, offering innovative solutions for planting trees that have a positive ecological, social, and economic impact. With their unwavering passion and determination, Go Forest currently organizes several reforestation projects. These projects go beyond just planting trees; they also ensure that the right trees are grown in the appropriate regions to maximize their positive outcomes. As a result, Go Forest not only contributes to a more sustainable world but also supports local communities by planting trees that enhance their livelihoods.

filerskeepers also embarked on its journey to establish global retention compliance. The inspiration behind filerskeepers’ journey was a problem that many companies face – the challenge of building and maintaining up-to-date records retention schedules. As filerskeepers gradually grew and expanded its scope, we discovered that data retention is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, we focused on developing a strategic data retention tool that empowers our users to stay informed about all data retention terms, monitor real-time changes in data retention laws, and implement the golden standard for efficient and compliant record keeping in their organizations.

In a way, our growth resembles that of a tree. Just five years ago, we planted the seed of passion for solving records retention once and for all, which has now flourished into the most comprehensive legal tech solutions in the world. Today, we proudly cover over 280 jurisdictions, delivering more than 280,000 retention obligations.

At filerskeepers, we firmly believe in our responsibility as a conscious entity to care for the world we inhabit. This belief has guided us to partner with organizations that share the same philosophy. In line with our commitment, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Go Forest.

Go Forest, like filerskeepers, strives for global impact while upholding a similar philosophy. Go Forest devotes its efforts to nature restoration through strategic tree planting, promoting positive outcomes for biodiversity, carbon storage, employment, livelihoods, and local economies. Embracing their noble cause, we have united our efforts to sow the seeds of compliance and sustainability, fostering a brighter future.

Together, we hope that our collective action, fueled by entities sharing our philosophy, can create a better world for generations to come. As we come together and continue this transformative journey, we are optimistic that our combined efforts will make a lasting difference in creating a world that thrives on compliance, transparency, and environmental betterment.


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