From automating zero-trust policies, understanding data-at-risk, to efficiently migrating to the cloud, Spirion is step one to developing an effective strategy to get your data under control.


filerskeepers has joined forces with Spirion, a pioneer in data protection and compliance, to add global, regulation-specific data retention schedules to Spirion’s Sensitive Data Platform (SDP). The solution automatically finds sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) wherever it lives, classifies the data by its level of sensitivity and other context, and remediates it to align with regulatory requirements and company policies.  And with filerskeepers on the team, it’s easy to decide what to do with the data you thought you lost or did not know you have all while being compliant with close to no efforts put in. 

About Spirion

Spirion has relentlessly solved real sensitive data protection problems since 2006 with accurate, contextual discovery of structured and unstructured data; purposeful classification; automated real-time risk remediation; and powerful analytics and dashboards to give organizations greater visibility into their most at-risk data and assets. Spirion’s Privacy-Grade™ data protection software enables organizations to reduce risk exposure, gain visibility into their data footprint, improve business efficiencies and decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

Global organizations today are struggling to stay compliant with a broad and diverse array of geographical and industry-specific data retention mandates,” says Michael Kaczmarek, Spirion Head of Product. “We’re delighted to add filerskeepers data retention schedules to our suite of sensitive data governance solutions, giving customers ready access to data retention schedules to help them more easily manage the sensitive data they collect and store. 

How Spirion works with filerskeepers

  • Collect & keep:  Minimize the time your analysts spend locating sensitive information over an ever-expanding big data footprint. All ambiguous data available across multiple platforms used will be collected. Use filerskeepers to know what data to keep and what to discard and save yourself some space on the desk and the disk. 
  • Classify: Categorize sensitive data with a purposeful classification that’s dynamic and persistent. Automate data classification throughout the data lifecycle for optimal protection and user access. 
  • Understand: Build awareness and identify risks across your organization. Maintain efficient and effective control with access, visualization, and reporting of sensitive data at the business unit, endpoint, and user level — both on-premises and in the cloud. 
  • Control: Leverage real-time risk remediation for proactive protection. Reduce regulatory non-compliance risks with continuous, high-strength data protection 
  • Comply: Stay ahead of the competition by avoiding fines and maintaining compliance backed by filerskeepers. Even as data privacy regulations evolve, filerskeepers is incessantly reading all updated laws to update all retention obligation. 

Benefits of using both Spirion and filerskeepers

Spirion is the recognized leader in accurate data discovery, purposeful persistent classification, and intelligent remediation of sensitive data and personally identifiable information across the enterprise.

With the filerskeepers integration, you’ll have access to an always-current, global set of data retention schedules to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid keeping data longer than necessary to minimize your sensitive data footprint.

Using the combined capability of Spirion and filerskeepers, identify data rapidly using retention schedules of hundreds of countries and states, over 1300 categories, and subcategories of data and record types across any industry. With the advanced tech of Spirion to find all structured and unstructured data virtually anywhere present in a company’s system, classify them, map these data into a flow chart, and with filerskeepers integration, save time, money, and effort to retain necessary retention policies, reach peak security, salvage space, and achieve compliance overall. 

Why we love Spirion

With over 15 years of experience in data security and privacy, Spirion is committed to eliminating the personal pain of a privacy breach. With high accuracy, Spirion has relentlessly solved real data protection problems since 2006 with accurate, contextual discovery, classification, and remediation of structured and unstructured data. Spirion’s data protection software enables organizations to reduce risk exposure, gain visibility into their data footprint, and improve business efficiencies and decision-making while facilitating compliance with data privacy regulations. 

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