Build your global records retention schedule in minutes!

Get insight into any jurisdiction you need with detailed and up-to-date retention obligations and confidently decide how long to store your data.

filerskeepers has revamped its portal!

With the new filerskeepers dashboard, it is now easier than ever to remain in control of your data! Now, you can access data retention schedules in both Excel and live dashboard versions, all in one place. Download your preferred schedule or see them in real-time, on a single, user-friendly platform. With just a few simple clicks, you can quickly navigate through our intuitive dashboard filters, and discover the retention obligations that matter most to your company’s industry categories and data types.

Create your personalized data retention schedule in minutes, and map retention rules to your data.

Eliminate hundreds of hours spent on legal research and get access to all the retention obligations in one single platform, saving you valuable time in the process.

Easily locate the information relevant to your company’s industry and data types and optimize your data retention workflow.

Stay up-to-date about any changes to legal citations in real-time, regardless of where you operate, and remain compliant!

Implement golden standard; a risk-based suggestion based on the law that helps your company establish a single, globally viable retention period and minimize risk.

What we cover in our data retention schedules

Our data retention schedules include all legal and regulatory rules that prescribe or inspire the storage and deletion of data or records. These rules, referred to as “retention obligations,” encompass laws, subsidiary legislation (decrees, ordinances, orders, etc), or regulatory guidance.

Branched into categories, subcategories, and record types, making it convenient to navigate through numerous retention obligations.

What does a retention obligation cover –

  • Who should store the data
  • What data should be stored
  • Is it a minimum or maximum term?
  • The exact start of the retention period
  • How long to keep the data and when to delete
  • A link to the official legal source

Country-Specific ūüĎČ Global Data Retention Schedule Made Easy!

  • Building your global data retention schedule is now a matter of minutes with just a few clicks.
  • With the new MySchedule functionality, you can tailor data retention schedules according to your company‚Äôs specific needs.
  • No more dwelling among several jurisdictions to find your optimal retention period.
  • MySchedule offers two methods to ensure your best experience in building retention schedules!

Tried and Tested Template

Access industry-specific, pre-tested retention schedule templates derived from best practices and regulations. Choose the one that suits your industry or compliance requirements, saving time and effort on schedule creation from scratch.

Custom Company Schedule

If you already have a pre-built schedule in place, let us help you map retention terms into your data based on your data types. Simply outline the retention periods, categories, and any specific regulations or jurisdictions applicable to your company’s data and we will take care of the rest.

By offering both template-based and custom schedule options, filerskeepers caters to a wide range of user preferences and requirements. With the completed retention schedule, you can easily navigate through the different obligations based on factors such as jurisdiction, industry, data class, and data type.

Retention Viewer: All the retention obligations in one place!

Retention viewer enables you to swiftly find any jurisdiction you need and download the corresponding data retention schedules. The retention viewer includes a convenient and fast filtering system, allowing you to narrow down retention obligations based on specific category-subcategory-record types, to any industry, and legal citations as you require.


Easily locate the information that is relevant to your company’s data types and optimize your data retention workflow.

View your country-specific data retention schedule live and download whenever you need.

Check what data types your industry needs with the filerskeepers taxonomy overview.

Save relevant retention obligations and retrieve the necessary information for later use.

Receive real-time updates on any changes to the retention schedules.

Create your business markups with our Business Rules!

We know how bookmarking helps when we come across relevant information that can help us in future projects and tasks. The filerskeepers dashboard offers a similar function called the Business Rule, allowing you to bookmark important data retention obligations and add specific notes for future reference while building your own retention schedule. By utilizing this feature, you can conveniently organize and retrieve crucial information as needed.

Create business markup for any data retention obligation or period, along with the reasoning behind the markup.

Quickly obtain the specific obligations you have stored, which proves particularly useful when working on large projects or needing to reference saved obligations.

Easily locate and manage your retention obligations within the system and integrate into your bespoke records retention schedule.

Implement filerskeepers into your systems!

Having a data retention schedule is meaningless if you don’t implement it. filerskeepers believes that a retention schedule should not be the end of your journey, but the beginning. With Implement filerskeepers, you will be able to publish your retention schedules in a business-friendly format, connect filerskeepers MySchedule to big vendor systems, and explore our partner marketplace.

Use the filerskeepers API to push your MySchedule anywhere.

Publish for Business Functions for department-specific information, ensuring that individuals receive only relevant data.

Connect to big vendor systems such as Microsoft 365 and more.

Keep your Privacy Statement up to date to reflect current data retention information and ensure transparency.

Leverage our partners’ ecosystem to solve records management once and for all!

Real records management compliance through needs assessment and gap analysis!

The next frontier of records management is real compliance. After building your bespoke data retention schedule, it is finally time to put it into action. Without organizational embedding and actual implementation, a data retention schedule is just a very expensive piece of paper.

So, how do you transform your data retention schedule from a mere formality into a robust compliance tool? The answer lies in conducting a thorough needs assessment and gap analysis. This strategic process helps you identify areas where your records management practices may fall short, enabling you to bridge these gaps effectively.

At filerskeepers, we specialize in guiding you through the intricate landscape of global data retention compliance, ensuring that your records management becomes a reality, not just paperwork.

331+ Jurisdictions and counting…

Our ambition is to investigate all retention periods in all countries and states of the world. We are adding new countries weekly and constantly reviewing the laws in our covered jurisdictions!

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