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Exterro’s Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions enable you to address your privacy, compliance, investigation and litigation risks more effectively and at lower costs.


Exterro and filerskeepers have joined forces to make the experience in compliance & E-discovery management comfortable. With Legal GRC in their arsenal, the data specialist, Exterro, comes off as an all-rounder that would have all your problems relating to privacy, legal hold, security, and compliance solved without much effort required. And with filerskeepers backing up and ensuring the retention or deletion of data available, compliance and security offered by Exterro are more fortified than ever.

About Exterro

Exterro provides e-discovery and information governance software specifically designed for in-house legal, privacy and IT teams at Global 2000 and Am Law 200 organizations. Built on a simple concept of process optimization, Exterro helps organizations address their regulatory, compliance, and litigation risks more effectively and at lower costs.

Exterro’s technology can take advantage of sophisticated process harmonization and world-class best practice standards to quickly build a modern, comprehensive data inventory, content-rich library of regulatory considerations, and accompanying compliance reporting capability.

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How Exterro works with filerskeepers

The partnership between filerskeepers and Exterro will be implemented in several steps giving the user complete transparency and ease of understanding.

  • Step 1: Run Exterro’s E-discovery platform.
  • Step 2: Find all structured and unstructured data across various online and offline devices.
  • Step 3: Integrate filerskeepers retention obligations into Exterro’s compliance platform.
  • Step 4: Find out what data is relevant and which to get rid of in order to stay compliant.
  • Step 5: Apply retention obligations on data that must be stored. Heighten security for data breaches by minimization of data kept.
  • Step 6: Achieve compliance and keep getting updates about changes in compliance through filerskeepers on the Exterro platform.

Benefits of using both Exterro and filerskeepers

Exterro is an all-in-one E-discovery management system providing its perks and usage through its platform. Bringing compliance using retention obligations being the filerskeepers forte and discovering all sorts of data available online and offline, in various devices mobile and storage included being the forte of Exterro E-management system, the last piece falls in place thus completing the puzzle otherwise known to be compliance. Records management and compliance will never be a worry again, with updates on retention obligations available anytime there is a legal change at filerskeepers‘ end, continuous data search everywhere, and Exterro’s cutting-edge security. Also, discovering unnecessary data and deleting them will also reduce storage costs and lower the risk of data leaks.

Why we love Exterro

Exterro creates software to help companies address their data privacy, compliance, and litigation risks more effectively. It enables game-changing holistic, strategic end-to-end data management with software support.

Exterro is unique in the market in combining processing with the collection and offering documents for review almost immediately after the collection process is started, thus saving you time and money while reducing the risk associated with manual handoffs and promotions. The best part is Exterro comes with an all-in-one package, as they provide solutions to different problems all in one place, and they do it under one platform that is probably one of the easiest to master

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