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DPOrganizer and filerskeepers have joined forces to offer a comprehensive privacy management solution encompassing all data retention requirements tailored for organizations operating across multiple jurisdictions. This collaboration integrates filerskeepers‘ global data retention content into DPOrganizer’s platform, offering users a seamless and comprehensive approach to managing their data retention requirements and mapping them effortlessly in a single, multi-purpose platform.

About DPOrganizer

DPOrganizer is a market leading Swedish provider of privacy management software and professional services. We support privacy professionals in 20+ countries to build more effective and sustainable privacy programs. Data mapping, assessment automation, data protection training, DSR and incident management are examples of challenges we support our customers with, through our intuitive and easy to use software and our team of experienced privacy professionals.

We support a growing number of multinational organizations in building better privacy programs, and we know keeping track of and managing data retention requirements in a multinational environment is a challenging matter. We’re therefore very excited to see this integration now being released.

Alicia Hatt, CEO at DPOrganizer

How DPOrganizer works with filerskeepers

Data storage is essential but keeping it for an extended period can lead to non-compliance with privacy laws. The integration of filerskeepers into the DPOrganizer platform will work in the following process:

  • Step 1: Build and model your data processing activities via an intelligent, guided flow in DPOrganizer. Get the right structure and appropriate level of detail and keep it evergreen in one single system.
  • Step 2: Seamlessly create and document your retention policy for your processing activities directly in DPOrganizer, utilising the filerskeepers retention schedules to verify which data to store for how long and thus reducing risk.
  • Step 3: Save time by automating activities in your privacy program such as data deletion tasks, processing activities reviews and vendor and asset risk assessments, giving you more time to focus on the things that truly matter.


Benefits of using both DPOrganizer and filerskeepers

By merging the filerskeepers‘ database with DPOrganizer’s privacy management platform, users can now access more than 275,000 data retention obligations that cover over 275 jurisdictions in a single platform, allowing them to stay compliant. This integration enables DPOrganizer users to manage data retention requirements across multiple jurisdictions, saving them time and research costs. Additionally, users can easily locate the necessary data through filerskeepers solution and store it in a single all-in-one platform provided by DPOrganizer. They can then implement retention obligation requirements to their data, identify gaps, and monitor high-risk areas using the DPOrganizer data mapping tool. Ultimately, this process ensures that users adhere to legal data retention obligations in relevant countries.


Why we love DPOrganizer

DPOrganizer offers full transition support to all businesses that want to move from their current privacy management software provider to DPOrganizer, at a very affordable price. It includes migration of data, special training for all users, and setting the right plan for future success in partnership, together with customer success and professional services team, meaning you will get all the expertise and personal help you need whenever necessary. Add that with the arsenal of integrations DPOrganization has to offer through their partners, all your data management hurdles will be a thought of the past.

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