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Responsum and filerskeepers are thrilled to announce a partnership to help clients maintain Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) easily and correctly, by implementing the right data retention periods applicable around the globe. Receive up-to-date information on everything related to retention schedules and enhance your privacy through filerskeepers integration with Responsum.

About Responsum

Privacy professionals are often under tremendous pressure to find the right balance between various data protection challenges. To increase your privacy management efficiency and improve your organization’s performance Responsum brings you an all-in-one package for all things data privacy among its other available option. Their privacy package will allow you to have unlimited light users, data mapping, vendor risk management, etc., among many other perks. Simplify and automate your Privacy compliance challenges with the leading all-in-one Privacy Management software. Minimize risks for your organization and turn Privacy into a competitive advantage.

filerskeepers adds extensive global knowledge on retention periods to our tool, and our customers can apply it as efficiently as possible. This is a tremendous time-saver in managing Records of Processing Activities and ensuring compliance.

Alex Van Cauwenbergh (CEO with Responsum)

How Responsum works with filerskeepers

Businesses that sell a product or service should consider and implement data retention periods for the purposes of data management and complying with relevant legal guidelines which is the solution we hope to bring with this partnership. The filerskeepers/Responsum integration will work in the following ways:

Step 1: Integrate filerskeepers data with the Responsum Privacy platform to import all retention obligations available for your functioning jurisdictions.

Step 2: Make a strategic data retention tool that allows you to know all data retention terms and see real-time changes in data retention laws while maintaining privacy through the Responsum platform.

Step 3: Implement correct data retention ultimately helping in achieving compliance while ensuring the wrong data does not stay on records. Ensure security and flawlessness in your retention operation through Responsum.

Step 4: Receive up-to-date information on everything related to retention schedules, with a link to the legal source and have an easy-to-read overview of data retention legislation for over 275 jurisdictions.

Step 5: Become compliant with regards to retention obligations applicable to you and comply with industry and department-specific retention periods.

Benefits of using both Responsum and filerskeepers

Implementing the right data retention periods is crucial for businesses that collect, process, and store data. It helps businesses comply with relevant laws and regulations and avoid penalties and reputational damage. Developing a well-designed data retention policy can aid in efficient operations while protecting business interests. With the Responsum Privacy platform being used for the correct implementation of filerskeepers data, organizations will benefit by:

  • Automation: Automate repetitive administrative tasks and work more efficiently
  • Saving time: Spend less time researching various legislations to find the right data retention period for specific data types. Any concerned team is aware of privacy obligations enabling focus on their highest-priority tasks.
  • Managing RoPA: When creating/managing Records of Processing Activities, follow the integrated guide to find the correct data retention period.
  • Maintain compliance: By using the filerskeepers integration, you’re certain to implement the right data retention period for every piece of data in your organization.
  • Updates: Receive up-to-date information on everything related to retention schedules: who should store, what to store, minimum or maximum term, the start of the retention period, how long to keep data and a link to the legal source.
  • Ensure the safety of leaked data and avoid any sort of data breaches.

Why we love Responsum

Responsum will help you meet your regulatory obligations with a unified and actionable view through the Privacy modules, from gathering the information you need in one place to executing DPIAs and keeping records of your processing activities. Setting privacy aside, other modules offered by Responsum help make your database more secure and create awareness on when certain actions are necessary, making assessments and risk management an easy task.

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