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filerskeepers is working globally to solve problems relating to retention obligation worldwide. Regulations yet not covered by us will be reviewed and completed soon. That is where BigID becomes our first choice since it is one of the very few platforms that specialize in compliance, data governance and privacy of data in several regulations worldwide.

filerskeepers is now offering a records retention solution that integrates directly into BigID, allowing identified documents to be cleaned even quicker. Businesses seeking out data management solutions specializing in privacy will be enjoying several benefits if they can build their records management framework with filerskeepers-BigID data retention application program.

With the use of the BigID Dashboard and platform, and expertise of the filerskeepers schedule you can say goodbye to the headaches concerning compliance and retention laws. What you may think is a problem, we have you covered.

Key benefits of combining BigID and filerskeepers

How does filerskeepers help?

BigID’s discovery in-depth gives its users, visibility on available data from anywhere. And with filerskeepers, you will know how these data should be processed. filerskeepers’ technology enables data privacy teams to comply with the retention policy applicable per data set, ensuring the timely deletion of that set within the regulatory framework defined by each country. 

  • Import all retention obligations with filerskeepers, along with the sources in the BigID Dashboard without any hassle.

  • Apply policies and record labels automatically through filerskeepers categorization backed with BigID AI.

  • Dispose obsolete digital records.

  • Ongoing discovery of newly created records, and automated cataloging and assignment of retention policies. 

Get Control of your Dark Data

What you don’t know DOES matter. The data you don’t know you have, so it is not compliant. Traditional data discovery only sees one type of data, this is where BigID’s data intelligence platform gives you visibility on all your data ensuring you can get inside your dark data and manage your compliance effectively. Dark data management consists of ensuring employees are aware of the dangers of dark data and address it accordingly.

Key Capabilities

  • Know your data

    Find sensitive and critical data anywhere with transformative data discovery: combining next-gen ML cataloging, classification, cluster analysis, and correlation across all types of data.

  • Action your data

    Take action for data privacy, protection, and perspective with modular apps, built on the first purpose built app framework and for today’s data-driven world.

  • Unleash the value of your data

    Automate data-driven initiatives to get more from your data, wherever it lives. Accelerate data solutions by leveraging an active metadata hub to enable the data fabric. Get adaptable data solutions for regulatory and industry challenges with an extensible data intelligence platform.

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More key benefits

“Data Protection is knowing how long to keep your data.”

– Wanne Pemmelaar, CEO / Co-founder, filerskeepers

With filerskeepers: A super fast service tailored to you

Do you have custom data classes defined within BigID? We know that as every organisation is different, so is its BigID instance and the data processed by it. We propose a sprint (usually well within one month time), during which we take you through the following phases:

We can even build in a feedback-loop, so your HR, legal, finance, privacy and compliance colleagues can test our suggestions!

Pricing and Packaging

Our solutions are the best of both worlds: standardised best practice data retention products yet tailored to your needs, allowing us to be better than competitive on pricing. In addition, we never shy away from complex use case. Just try us out! 

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