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data retention suggestions for Workday

Mitigate business risk with compliant data retention in Workday

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For many multinationals Workday is their global backbone HR system. Implementing data retention obligations in Workday was often considered impossible for lack of clear legal guidance on what retention obligations are applicable to the Workday Business Objects. With filerskeepers data retention suggestions for Workday this all changed. We can offer suggestions for all your Business Objects so that you can directly implement them in your system. No army of consultants necessary. And really cheap!

  • Data retention suggestions on the basis of law
  • Directly applicable to Workday Business Objects
  • …and their datafields
  • Our suggestions offer options when the law is silent
  • …or just offers too many options

Key benefits

Key Capabilities

  • Receive relevant suggestions tailored to your Workday system
    Receive 3-4 suggestions per Workday Business Object or even its data fields on the basis of actual legal records retention obligations and statutory limitations, with an option to search for more alternatives.

  • Updated as your global Workday system evolves
    We will make sure we stay in sync with changes in your Workday Business Objects and adapt our suggestions accordingly.

  • Instantly add new countries as your company becomes more global
    We offer data retention suggestions for Workday for hundreds of jurisdictions. Even the ones you are thinking of establishing a presence in!

  • Get updates in law automatically pushed to you
    Through our API you can get any updates in law pushed as soon as it comes out, whether it be new law or amendments to existing law.

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Some more key benefits

“filerskeepers suggestions for Workday allow for well informed data retention choices which can directly be applied at a per country level. Data retention compliance at the most granular level. Yet very practicable, auditable and cheap.”

– Wanne Pemmelaar, CEO / co-founder of filerskeepers

A super fast service tailored to you

Do you have custom data fields in your Business Object? We know that as every organisation is different, so is its Workday instance and the data processed by it. We propose a sprint (usually well within one month time), during which we take you through the following phases:

We can even build in a feedback-loop, so your HR, legal, finance, privacy and compliance colleagues can test our suggestions!

Pricing and Packaging

Our solutions are the best of both worlds: standardised best practice data retention products yet tailored to your needs, allowing us to be better than competitive on pricing. In addition, we never shy away from complex use case. Just try us out! 

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