Data Privacy Manager

Get an actionable insight into your data, manage privacy risk and increase customer trust.   


Teaming up, Data Privacy Manager and filerskeepers are providing a privacy platform with instant access to data retention information across hundreds of countries worldwide, allowing you to resolve compliance issues around defining data retention periods.

About Data Privacy Manager

Data Privacy Manager (DPM) is a Cloud software platform for privacy management and automation designed to improve the governance of personal data, centralize consents and preferences, automate compliance-related tasks and minimize regulatory risks. DPM has been recognized by Gartner and Forrester in their Market guide, Forrester Wave and Tech now report.

We are excited to combine the Data Privacy Manager platform with filerskeepers, and offer our clients an even better experience and fast access to information about data retention obligations in just a few easy clicks. Saving them time and resources, and relieving them of any doubts when it comes to their retention obligations

Marijan Bračić, CEO – Legit Software

How Data Privacy Manager works with filerskeepers

The filerskeepers and Data Privacy Manager integration will work in the following processes:

  • Step 1: Categorize manage, and sort data and get rid of all redundant personal data across your systems with the help of the DPM and filerskeepers.
  • Step 2: Import retention obligation from filerskeepers on stored records and aggregate all applicable rules onto your datasets in the DPM inventory.
  • Step 3: Automate privacy processes and centrally manage all personal data in the DPM giving instructions to a different system when data deletion needs to be executed and define data retention and data removal operationalization on different data categories.
  • Step 4: Get an overview of procedures and important information about data processing activities. Facilitate collaboration between DPO, Legal service, IT, HR, and Marketing with the DPM, allowing them to create clearly defined responsibilities that are achievable and consistent with the competencies of each organizational unit.
  • Step 5: Get continuous insight into the legal, regulatory, and data segment of all your business processes.


Benefits of using both Data Privacy Manager and filerskeepers

filerskeepers, paired up with the DPM enables you to:

  • Swiftly identify data retention schedules of hundreds of countries across any industry.
  • Save time and resources by searching different sources to identify which rules apply in each relevant jurisdiction.
  • Record what data to store and the retention period for that data.
  • Demonstrate compliance with data retention obligations, by enforcing the decisions within the legal framework down into the data.
  • Know when personal data needs to be deleted or for how long do you need to store it.
  • Comply with the GDPR and storage limitation principle.

Why we love Data Privacy Manager

Among all other regulations, filerskeepers keep a keen eye on the GDPR, the data protection regulation facilitating the EU (European Union). Data Privacy Manager is a mature privacy platform and one of the pioneers in the newly emerged privacy and personal data protection area. Resolving issues of segregation of structured and unstructured from the cloth of undefined data, automating privacy processes and specializing in the privacy compliance. Data Privacy Manager put everything in one place like a cherry on top of the cake. Having these arduous activities under one platform can be deemed a Holy Grail in the world of data privacy which is why the filerskeepers integration works so well with Data Privacy Manager.

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