Experience how information is digitally managed, organized, and stored in the company – from document management to digital signatures.


d.velop and filerskeepers have joined to provide the most connected digital data management, data retention, and data deletion solution globally. d.velop and filerskeepers bring digital expertise and allow its customers to confidently secure electronic files all while being compliant with any data legislation.

About d.velop

With almost 13,000 customers, it is obvious that d.velop have a wealth of knowledge and are a highly trusted company. They strive for success and assist customers in reaching their full potential by providing digital services that connects people to one another. These services also comprehensively simplify and redesign processes and operations. Customers are now able to take control of their data and have the ability to access and share their entire technical, organizational and social know-how with ease – in the required format and anywhere internally and externally.

d.velop digitalises business processes for many international customers. Compliance and governance in accordance with country-specific regulations are important issues for our clients. Thanks to the record retention schedules provided by filerskeepers, data retention on the d.velop platform complies with local legislation and our customers can fully concentrate on the digitalisation of additional processes. Martin Hülscher, General Manager International, d.velop AG

How d.velop works with filerskeepers

Offering a range of services and products, d.velop and filerskeepers provides a reliable and easy-to-use platform as well as high quality spreadsheets.

Enterprise Content Management Software – An essential aspect to close the gap and drive your business forward with digital transformation. D.velop’s ECM enables uniform management, processing, and archiving of all corporate information. The main advantage of this is reliving companies from time-consuming unstructured digital solutions. ECM offers a significant reduction in processing times. Information can be found more quickly, tedious work steps can be easily automated, and waiting times can be used to complete tasks.

Digital Invoice Processing – cost effective and secure, what more could you want! Eliminate the costly process of manual invoice entry with d.velop as regardless of whether invoices arrive in your company by post or electronically, the complete invoice workflow can be mapped digitally – improving the whole process of handling invoices.

In short, the d.velop invoice processing software can:

  • be directly integrated into your ERP, accounting, or merchandise software
  • process all invoices arriving via different channels (e-mail or post)
  • correctly extract data, sort and classify all invoices
  • set up workflows for verification, approval, and posting

Electronic Document management system (EDMS) – Centralized access to all your data and documents via one single system. Remove the hassle of manual filing, managing physical documents, and unstructured file folders with d.velops EDMS. Users can access and edit all the information they need via a central document management system (DMS). Finally, seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, such as SAP, Microsoft 365 or Salesforce, which turns the DMS into a powerful central platform for all documents throughout your company.

  • Access documents faster
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Save time for high-priority tasks.


Benefits of using both d.velop and filerskeepers

d.velop is now enriched with filerskeepers’ retention database, allowing identified documents to be cleaned even quicker once digitalised. Businesses seeking out digital document management solutions specialists will be enjoying several benefits such as accessing documents quicker, meet compliance requirements and working more productively with an electronic document management system. D.velops collaboration with filerskeepers and ability to integrate with multiple systems ensures customers comply with the GDPR, and the ever-changing privacy and data regulations worldwide.

Why we love d.velop

With technology infiltrating every aspect of our lives, digitalization is now more important than ever before. d.velop offers a range of digital services which makes companies lives easier, are cost-effective and ensure compliance with data legislation. They offer comprehensive support in developing your digital strategy through their digitization consulting. Their digitization consultants take a deep dive into the existing processes and requirements in your company and work with you to develop a roadmap for the future that is tailored to you – including ongoing success monitoring.

Frequently Asked questions

Which software to use for a paperless office? 

You’ll need a document management system (DMS) to make the switch to a paperless office. A DMS is used for the electronic, database-driven management of documents. The goal of a document management system is to create a central platform that is accessible to all employees in order to access documents company-wide and thus make work processes more efficient 

What are d.velop documents? 

d.velop documents is a document management system. With it, you no longer have to manually maintain a digital filing system, but instead have your documents sorted into digital files by a clever algorithm. Instead of memorizing directory paths, you will get to the desired documents in a flash with an intelligent search function. You can also store e-mails, attachments, images, and other file types here. Workflows automate, standardize, and accelerate recurring processes. A document management system is a smart choice for getting started with digitization and can become the hub of information flow in your company. We would be happy to show you exactly what a DMS looks like in use, without any obligation, in a personal appointment to help familiarize yourself with it. 

What is enterprise content management? 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a software for the holistic, secure and structured management of your company information. It represents an overall concept that is made up of various software solutions (e.g. DMS). 

What do you need ECM software for? 

An ECM brings together all the relevant software in a company and links them. Instead of using individual stand-alone solutions and switching systems over and over again, you stay within the ECM and map workflows completely. The benefits are a unified workflow and filing system, a central access point, and greater transparency and collaboration between departments. 

Why a digital workplace? 

The Digital Workplace simplifies communication and knowledge distribution within the company and with partners, suppliers and customers. This improves collaboration among your employees and enables you to optimize all company-relevant processes and make them more efficient. 

What are the benefits of a digital workplace? 

A Digital Workplace that can also be accessed via mobile devices enables location-independent working. This makes it possible to work on the road and in the home office. In the long term, you also increase the efficiency, productivity and satisfaction of your employees 

How does a digital signature work? 

You upload your document to the d.velop sign app and a hash value is sent to a trust service provider for certification. This provider verifies your identity and then sends the hash value back to d.velop sign. You can then download your fully signed document with the associated certificate. By simplifying the signature process in this way, you not only increase your level of digitization, but also save important time and costs at the same time. 

What is the format of the eSignature? 

Connected and the signature is directly in the document. 

XAdES signature: XML, internally signed i.e. an XAdES signature is always connected to an XML document and the signature is directly in the document. 

We would like to start the cloud, but still have on premise systems in use. Can we still use the solutions from d.velop? 

d.velop solutions also map hybrid architectures. This allows you to utilize d.velop modules from the cloud in your on-premise system. We will be happy to work out the best practice approach that suits you in a digitization workshop. 

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