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d.velop and filerskeepers have joined to provide the most connected digital data management, data retention, and data deletion solution globally. d.velop and filerskeepers bring digital expertise and allow its customers to confidently secure electronic files all while being compliant with any data legislation.

About d.velop

With almost 13,000 customers, it is obvious that d.velop have a wealth of knowledge and are a highly trusted company. They strive for success and assist customers in reaching their full potential by providing digital services that connects people to one another. These services also comprehensively simplify and redesign processes and operations. Customers are now able to take control of their data and have the ability to access and share their entire technical, organizational and social know-how with ease – in the required format and anywhere internally and externally.

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How d.velop works with filerskeepers

Offering a range of services and products, d.velop and filerskeepers provides a reliable and easy-to-use platform as well as high quality spreadsheets.

Enterprise Content Management Software – An essential aspect to close the gap and drive your business forward with digital transformation. D.velop’s ECM enables uniform management, processing, and archiving of all corporate information. The main advantage of this is reliving companies from time-consuming unstructured digital solutions. ECM offers a significant reduction in processing times. Information can be found more quickly, tedious work steps can be easily automated, and waiting times can be used to complete tasks.

Digital Invoice Processing – cost effective and secure, what more could you want! Eliminate the costly process of manual invoice entry with d.velop as regardless of whether invoices arrive in your company by post or electronically, the complete invoice workflow can be mapped digitally – improving the whole process of handling invoices.

In short, the d.velop invoice processing software can:

  • be directly integrated into your ERP, accounting, or merchandise software
  • process all invoices arriving via different channels (e-mail or post)
  • correctly extract data, sort and classify all invoices
  • set up workflows for verification, approval, and posting

Electronic Document management system (EDMS) - Centralized access to all your data and documents via one single system. Remove the hassle of manual filing, managing physical documents, and unstructured file folders with d.velops EDMS. Users can access and edit all the information they need via a central document management system (DMS). Finally, seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, such as SAP, Microsoft 365 or Salesforce, which turns the DMS into a powerful central platform for all documents throughout your company.

  • Access documents faster
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Save time for high-priority tasks.
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Benefits of using both d.velop and filerskeepers

d.velop is now enriched with filerskeepers’ retention database, allowing identified documents to be cleaned even quicker once digitalised. Businesses seeking out digital document management solutions specialists will be enjoying several benefits such as accessing documents quicker, meet compliance requirements and working more productively with an electronic document management system. D.velops collaboration with filerskeepers and ability to integrate with multiple systems ensures customers comply with the GDPR, and the ever-changing privacy and data regulations worldwide.

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Why we love d.velop

With technology infiltrating every aspect of our lives, digitalization is now more important than ever before. d.velop offers a range of digital services which makes companies lives easier, are cost-effective and ensure compliance with data legislation. They offer comprehensive support in developing your digital strategy through their digitization consulting. Their digitization consultants take a deep dive into the existing processes and requirements in your company and work with you to develop a roadmap for the future that is tailored to you – including ongoing success monitoring.

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