Contoural Partnership


Independent Information Governance Consultants


Contoural and filerskeepers are collaborating to bring its users an intelligent service of strategic Information Governance consulting services, including Records and Information Management among many other consultation services with the use of filerskeepers specialty with records retention and compliance.

About Contoural

Contoural is a leading independent provider of business and technology consulting services focused on compliance, and intelligent data. Contoural is truly independent. They serve as a trusted advisor for more than 30% of the Fortune 500, mid-sized organizations, and public sector clients. Their seasoned consulting team, averaging over 25 years of experience, is passionate about driving clients’ success. Contoural offers a range of record management and Information Governance services.

Contoural helps its clients understand and comply with global retention requirements.

Lauren Powers, Contoural

Benefits of using both Contoural and filerskeepers

Contoural’s expert consultants apply legal, regulatory, and privacy expertise with a deep knowledge of technology, behavior change management, and an extensive understanding of industry best practices to help clients develop a strategic plan for the protection of sensitive information assets. filerskeepers is known for its extensive research of jurisdictions all over the world to build the perfect retention schedules that do not leave even the smallest retention obligation behind. With Contoural onboard, this partnership can offer the industry’s most advanced Records Retention Policies and Schedules.

Why we love Contoural

An accumulation of different services handled by experienced specialists has enabled Contoural to become the all-rounder go-to firm for governance, compliance, and data security. Contoural’s information governance programs take a metrics-based approach, ensuring real-world compliance and effectiveness. Since Contoural has no products to sell and only provides consultancy services, we can easily say they are a non-biased organization seeking to make businesses better every day.

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