Retention Demystification

In today's digital age, businesses and organizations generate an unprecedented amount of data and records daily. From emails and financial documents to customer information and project files; the accumulation of records can quickly become overwhelming if not properly managed. This is where records management retention periods come into play. They're a critical aspect of maintaining order, compliance, and efficient operations within an organization. Understanding Retention Periods The organization establishes records management retention periods based [...]

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8 steps to creating a perfect global records retention policy

Why do I need a global records retention policy?   A lot of our customers ask us why they should care about records retention.Well you don’t have to care. It is just that your client, supplier, book keeper, accountant, lawyer, notary, controller, auditor and many governmental officials care. There are literally thousands of retention rules that require you to keep or destroy records. It is a matter of good corporate housekeeping. If you know what [...]

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