Reduce risk, accelerate time to insight, and get data visibility and control across all your data – everywhere.


Teaming up, BigID & filerskeepers believe to solve all hurdles faced, by offering records retention services from top to bottom in an organization. Abide by compliance, thanks to filerskeepers while keeping all data, structured and unstructured included, safe, secured, and managed with BigID.

About BigID

Starting its journey in 2016, BigID has become the go-to platform with regards to Data Management. The platform with its data intelligence helps businesses understand their corporate data and take steps to safeguard, secure, and gain a better understanding of it. Customers use BigID to discover, manage, safeguard and extract more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their entire data environment.

BigID is working towards its objective of streamlining data and making data privacy manageable. Aside from that, BigID not only specialized in GDPR but also other regulations that include: NIST, CCPA, and LGPD.

How BigID works with filerskeepers

BigIDs discovery in-depth gives its users, visibility on all available data from anywhere. And with filerskeepers, you will know how those data should be processed.

  • Step 1: Import all retention obligations with filerskeepers, along with the sources in the BigID Dashboard without any hassle.
  • Step 2: Apply policies and record labels automatically through filerskeepers categorization backed with BigID AI.
  • Step 3: Dispose obsolete digital records.
  • Step 4: Ongoing discovery of newly created records, and automated cataloging and assignment of retention policies.

filerskeepers’ technology enables data privacy teams to comply with the retention policy applicable per data set, ensuring the timely deletion of that set within the regulatory framework defined by each country.


Benefits of using both BigID and filerskeepers

BigID is now enriched with filerskeepers’ retention database, allowing identified documents to be cleaned even quicker. Businesses seeking out data management solutions specializing in privacy will be enjoying several benefits.

  • Save Money: By implementing filerskeepers retention schedules through BigID platforms, saving money is nothing but an obvious result. While with filerkeepers you can know what data is needed and which has become obsolete, this saves you the risk of breaching compliance necessities, also through the perfect management of data, the cost of storing files (on and offline) is drastically reduced.
  • Control Your Privacy: With added layers of protection and privacy management, BigID enables you to delete data and retain bespoke data under protection with limited access. This not only increases privacy but also lowers the risk of data being stolen in an accident since obsolete data will not be stored any longer.
  • Reduce Data Risk: Operationalize data retention with automation to apply the same policies across several types of data to ensure complete coverage and identify duplicate data to apply consistent policies.
  • Consistent & Accurate Data Retention: With the use of filerskeepers retention schedules and easy to figure instruction on what should be done with data, set policies to determine which data to maintain or discard and apply to all data – structured and unstructured, on-prem and in the cloud, across all data types, stores, and sources all while maintaining regulation and compliance with reference to a legal source.
  • Metadata Management: Capture, label, and manage metadata at scale across hundreds of structured, unstructured, and cloud platforms in the BigID catalog. Dynamically update data changes as they happen. Layer on business, operational, privacy, and security metadata. Native metadata interchange with Collibra, Alation, Informatica EDC, MS Purview, SAP, ASG, and more.
  • Graph technology: Find connectivity and lineage relationships across data stores and data context using graph-based BigID Correlation ML. Simplify building and maintaining MDM golden records, automate data rights, and identify the related account and transaction data.

Why we love BigID

filerskeepers is working globally to solve problems relating to retention obligation worldwide. Regulations yet not covered by us will be reviewed and completed soon. That is where BigID becomes our first choice since it is one of the very few platforms that specialize in compliance, data governance and privacy of data in several regulations worldwide.

With the use of the BigID Dashboard and expertise of the filerskeepers schedule you can say goodbye to the headaches concerning compliance and retention laws. What you may think is a problem, we have you covered.

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